Hotfix 0007 (TBC)

Enhancement List

  • Added "Bulk Update" features to Supplier & Customer Master

Closed Issues List
  • Fixed Schedule Email Error when the XML file was too large. (Ticket: 156228) 

Hotfix 0006 (09/04/2024)

  • DynaMod Server Socket 2024.1 Build 0005
  • DynaMod Process Manager 2024.1 Build 0004

Enhancement List

  • Enhance Supplier Good Receipt Note "Import Delivery Order from Parent Company" features, to hide/show the cost related column by follow the user "show cost" permission. (Ticket 150482)
  • Added UserDef3 (Shipping Method) field for WMS Export Stock Transit task.
  • Added WMS Export Customer Invoice and WMS Export Customer Credit Note tasks.
  • Added CustomerID field as Document Reference for WMS Import Stock Transfer WLT task.
  • Added Import by WMS Company Code option for WMS Integration Project.

Closed Issues List
  • Fix Generate Customer Invoice for TikTok Orders causing document not tally (Ticket: 155981)
  • Fix cannot get correct Assemble B.O.M Stock when select Multi UOM Item (Ticket: 156015)
  • Fix Location Filter does not work in Profit & Loss Statement. P&L Amount still show in company amount when Selected location is choose. (Ticket 155976)
  • Fix SiteGiantERP error returns a null value (Ticket 156334).

Hotfix 0005 (21/03/2024)

  • DynaMod Process Manager 2024.1 Build 0003

Enhancement List

  • Enhance the "import into current list" function to show the error tax code column in red color for the "Stock Price Updater" screen.
  • Enhance the "Client Socket" to allow users multi-open when start up from different working directories.
  • Enhance and add Dynamod TikTok product image upload functionality.
  • Enhance and add a TikTok Product ID Column for displayed TikTok product IDs to inform users about the products they have added.
  • Enhance TikTok Store Management in Product Categories by storing and displaying the Stock ID and UOM ID when using the Dynamod add TikTok product function to add a product to TikTok.
  • Enhance Dynamod Process Manager for TikTok Error Log Tracing.

Closed Issues List
  • Fix Received Amount text box height size running for Customer Invoice column. (Ticket 155708)
  • Fixed the issue where multiple reports couldn't be previewed. Generating a second report will no longer overwrite the first one. (Ticket 155663)
  • Fix marketplace SiteGiantERP stock adjustment not tally. (Ticket: 154859, 154585, 155086)

Hotfix 0004 (13/03/2024)

Enhancement List

Closed Issues List
  • Fix unable to save the customer master and Fix client socket failed to update the member to dynamod issue. (Ticket 155759)

Hotfix 0003 (06/03/2024)

  • DynaMod Server Socket 2024.1 Build 0003
  • DynaMod Process Manager 2024.1 Build 0002

Enhancement List

  • Added Credit Term and Credit Limit control for Sales Order.

Closed Issues List
  • Fix WMS error when moving files to Error folder in Export task.
  • Fix column missing error when create new customer record.
  • Fix Lazada marketplace unable to download orders. (Ticket: 155682)

Hotfix 0002 (01/03/2024)

  • DynaMod Server Socket 2024.1 Build 0002
  • DynaMod Process Manager 2024.1 Build 0001

Enhancement List

  • Enhance Lazada marketplace by introducing new features for deleting and unmatching products SKU.
  • Enhance Lazada marketplace download orders speed in Dynamod and Process Manager.
  • Enhance Lazada marketplace generate customer invoice based on the unique product SKU IDs.

Closed Issues List
  • Fix connection close due to timeout when Process manger execute task name of Post Deferred StockCost. (Ticket 154243)
  • Fixed remark empty issue on DynaMod Stock Alert Level Updater when importing from Excel. (Ticket 155417)
  • Fix TikTok Orders unable to download and Match Stock ID to Product SKU (Ticket: 155471)

Hotfix 0001 (05/02/2024)

  • DynaMod Server Socket 2024.1 Build 0001
  • DynaMod Client Socket 2024.1 Build 0001

Enhancement List

  • Added POS Add On Menu under POS Management -> Setup, an add on menu will be prompt the moment user proceed to payment in POS, currently only available in SEC
  • Enhance SiteGiantERP's product price update status to display 'INCOMPLETE NEW PRICE' when a new price is missing during a product update. (Ticket:155027)
  • Enhance SiteGiant ERP's product price update process by implementing an error log to track failed price updates. (Ticket: 154990)
  • Enhanced synchronized member ->After removing the DynaMod customer, it will not sync to POS if the customer has transactions.
  • Added SST on Dynamod Stock Price Updater to re-update the New Tax Code (SST).
  • Enhance Shopee marketplace by introducing new features for deleting and unmatching products SKU. (Tickets:154781)
  • Enhance the Product Menu Dropdown Button's TikTok Match All SKU Function in TikTok Stores Management.
Closed Issues List
  • Fix SiteGiantERP marketplace inventory listing save format and load format issue. (Ticket: 154972)
  • Fix Shopee marketplace download products error due to incorrect store. (Ticket: 155018)
  • Fixed Dynamod Customer/Supplier Opening Balance not auto declare a  Trade Debtor Control Account after selecting customer. (Ticket: 154923)
  • Fixed can't navigate to cash sales and prompt out please input Document Number when double click the document for inquiry. (Ticket: 154840)
  • Fix SiteGiantERP unable download orders with date ranges more than 30 days. (Tickets:154781)