TouchFNB 2023.3 Build 0010 (Released on 16th Jan 2024) 

1.    [UI 2.0] Fix on Show Reprint Receipt Page will Show ALL Records instead of only the recent 10 Transactions. (Ticket 154933)

2.    [UI 2.0] Fix on Customer LookUp will get resized on 1024 x 768 Resolution which cause the Close button unable to Show.

3.    [UI 2.0] Fix Reprint Receipt screen, some columnS definition mis-matched causing column [Total] missing.

TouchFNB 2023.3 Build 0009 (Released on 12th Jan 2024) 

1.    Added In Re-query Function for Paysys Card Payment.

2.    Added Checking of Stored Procedure before Executing for Client Socket Auto Restart Module.

3.    Added Retry 2 Times for Incard Member Renewal When Submission Failed.

4.    Member Point Enquiry screen, support [Setup POS Member Purchase History Source] setting (combine point with other DynaMod source). (Ticket 154322)

5.    [UI 2.0] Added Search Bar for searching in Incard Stamp Redeem Interface.

6.    Prevent Online Stock Alert Level checking prompt error message whenever first scan of item. (Ticket 154577)

7.    Check on Payment data whether has duplicate voucher number whenever close Scan Voucher screen. (Ticket 154713)

- AcCSMPayment [DepositTime] to store time value up to milisecond.

- Other DateTime columns store time value up to milisecond.

TouchFNB 2023.3 Build 0008 (Released on 21th Dec 2023) 

1.    [UI2.0] Fix on Black Screen blocking screen When doing Stamp Redeem with Multi-Format Report.(Ticket 153839) 

2.    Fix Stock Alert Level Control for a scenario of balance qty is less than 1, user scan weighing barcode, Qty is less than or equal to balance qty but POS prompt not allowed to sell. (Ticket 154175)

3.    AcMultiPrinter added PrinterGroupFilter. Allow user to define category filtering when Printer Group printing is used. (Ticket 152163)

4.    Enhanced Table Maintenance screen. Allow to define default value is Take Away for selected section.

5.    Add a column for payment information in the receipt printing screen.

6.    Allow save grid setting on Waiting List screen.

7.    For Hold Sales printing Options, "o Print After Hold Sales (New Added Item Only)", when hold sales, enhanced to prompt confirmation message, allow user to print Hold Sales bill (previously will trigger kitchen slip printing only).

TouchFNB 2023.3 Build 0007 (Released on 01th Dec 2023)

1.    Rectify Member Group Plan - Limited Qty Control calculation (Ticket 152190)

  • After scan more than one limited qty item and then change Member.
  • After scan member, then input weighing barcode label.

2.    Set MyKad Reader button visibility on INCard Customer/INCard Registration screen base on Country.

3.    [UI2.0] Remove hard coded "RM" on payment summary screen. Set font size bigger on amount shown on payment summary screen.

4.    For Startup Screen [Main Screen - Table Status] setting, show Table Status screen after Delete All Item or Start New Sales.

5.    For [Compulsory Table No] setting, prompt reminder message to select table before Hold Sales if table is yet selected.

6.    [Total] on main screen changed to display final bill amount instead of sum of detail item total + tax amount.

TouchFNB 2023.3 Build 0006 (Released on 16th Nov 2023)

1.    EOD report added ArticleNo on various part. Added ISBN, Brand, Grp as [Group], Colour, Sizes on part "Item Stock Sales Detail". (Ticket 153094)

2.    Support Training Mode module.

3.    Support upload sales received from POS Web API to INCard server (every 15 minutes).

4.    Added Prevention for Payment Type turned into INCARDSTP when not Stamp Transaction.

5.    Allow collect deposit more than Bill Amount.

6.    Added Auto Restart Client Socket Module.

7.    Revise duplicate voucher number checking control on Scan Voucher screen. (Ticket 153869)

8.   Enable/Disable member number input base on setting.

9.   Reflect balance changes on customer display after apply INCard voucher.

TouchFNB 2023.3 Build 0005 (Released on 31th Oct 2023) 

1.    Customer Display added balance amount at payment screen. (Ticket 153275)


2.    [UI2.0] Fix on Modifier Group Paging Cannot work Correctly. (Ticket 153388)

3.    FingerPrint Module logic revised, remove unused codes.

4.    Visible Switch UI button on Login screen.

5.    Set Target CPU as "Any CPU" instead of "x86".

TouchFNB 2023.3 Build 0004 (Released on 26th Oct 2023)

1.    [UI2.0] Fix for Modifier Menu's Bottom Part Buttons not Loaded and Function Correctly. (Ticket 153152 )

2.    [UI2.0] Enable Purchase  History to select and copy Text from Listing.

3.    Fix not able to input custom modifier due to cursor will keep focus on barcode textbox. (Ticket 153361)

TouchFNB 2023.3 Build 0003 (Released on 18th Oct 2023)

1.    Fix the issue of using password login to edit time attendance. (Ticket 153064)


2.    Cursor Auto point at voucher No. input field when Show Incard Voucher Redemption page.  (Ticket 153073)

3.    Fix on End Of Day Report Figure Incorrect. (Ticket 152848)

4.    Support Multi Deposit feature.

* require DynaMod 2023.3 Build 0000 Hotfix 0002 to support multi deposit posting.

5.    Fix after user Delete Item for last scanned item, system will focus on last second row. (Ticket 153141)

6.    Fix after user Delete Item, item image on tab scan barcode does not reflect current focus row item.

7.    Fix when user click [No] button on Delete Item confirmation dialog, system will focus on previous row.

8.    Rectify system behavior when user click [No] button on Delete All Item confirmation dialog.

9.    Reprint Receipt screen, Receipt No searching mechanism changed from "Match Beginning" to "Contain" search value. 

10.   Added HandPhone to the button search of the Customer Lookup screen. (Ticket 153150)

11.   [UI2.0] Fix press [Add New] button on Customer Lookup screen does not direct trigger Create New member file.

12.   [UI2.0] Fix Close button on Member File screen is not enabled when the screen is triggered from Customer Lookup screen.

13.   Set cursor focus on Barcode textbox whenever user click on [Function] or other tab to convenient user able to scan item without the need of manual trigger focus on barcode textbox.

14.   Remove Tab character during scan barcode (to cover one client which printed barcode label(from third party software) mistake).

15.   Daily Summary report added ArticleNo on various part. Added ISBN, Brand, Grp as [Group], Colour, Sizes on part "Item Stock Sales Detail".(Ticket 153094)

16.   End Of Day report, cover scenario of Cash=0 with Change value on part "Payment Summary Info" (support new payment type "CHEQUE").(Ticket 153070)

17.   Revenue Terminal integration, cover VOID SALE transaction amount checking if terminal returned the value.

18.   Revenue Terminal integration enhancement:

  • Setup Wizard, Revenue Terminal Integration setting added CIMB.
  • Prevent POS encountered error when try to add payment record (terminal CIMB did not return field D2-Card Issuer Name) causing the cash sales not able to complete even though terminal printed approval slip.

TouchFNB 2023.3 Build 0002 (Released on 06th Oct 2023)

1.    Rectify Client Socket Download Promotion encountered error for Promotion Mix and Match Plan/Promotion Range Discount Plan with defined member group.

TouchFNB 2023.3 Build 0001 (Released on 04th Oct 2023)

1.    Time Attendance Editor - Fix option "Update Sign Out Time" and "Update Both Date" encountered error when apply update.

2.    Fix Promotion Cash Rebate, Rebate Type="PAYMENT", after apply cash rebate causing balance amount not in rounded cent amount. (Ticket 153054)

3.    Not to prompt "Generating Report... Please Wait..." message dialog on a few area. eg: trigger Kitchen slip printing.

TouchFNB 2023.3 Build 0000 (Released on 27th Sep 2023)

1.    [UI2.0] Modifier Menu Category Group Highlighted Button Background change to more visible view.

2.    Table [AcShoppe2GoOnlineOrder].[State] extended from 20 to 100 characters. (Ticket 152824)

3.    Revenue Payment Integration, added checking on Transaction Amount if terminal returned the value. (Ticket 152780)

4.    Clear only the Error Scanned item instead of clearing the whole Scanned List when Error happen at Scan Item Page. (Ticket 152834)

5.    Create new member default price code follow setting (synchronize from backend).

6.    Support setting (synchronize from backend) to show "Counter Closed" messages on a second display screen when logged out.

7.    [UI2.0] ]Fix user able to use TouchFNB on screen keyboard to edit scanned voucher number causing issue.

8.    Fix re-open Scan Voucher screen, [Balance] show incorrect amount. (Ticket 152905)

9.    Scan Voucher Screen, if first scanned voucher is "offline verification", the following scanned voucher will be using "offline         verification" method too to speed up scan voucher process.

10.   Enhanced complete payment performance when there is a lot Voucher involved.