Hotfix 0006 (TBC)

Enhancement List

  • Added Reserved Stock column for Stock Adjustment and Inventory List Page in SiteGiant ERP
  • Added Item ID column for Order List Page in SiteGiant ERP
Closed Issues List

  • Fix GL Missing error on database validation due to zero deposit amount for Customer Deposit document. [Ticket 154132]
  • Fix the copy-paste issue on the screens "Setup Company Email Account", "Setup  Email Recipient", and "Setup  Company Email Template". (Ticket: 154225)
  • Fix Import Supplier SKU using Excel template "isActive" column show error and when have error cannot import any more issues. (Ticket 154313)
  • Fix where SiteGiant ERP store customer ID remains the value unchanged without capturing user input. (Ticket 154294)
  • Fix unable navigate to open document from Creditor Ledger. (Ticket 154352)
  • Fix the issue of directing to the incorrect Supplier Credit Note when clicking the Document Number in GL Listing. (Ticket 154595)

Hotfix 0005 (07/12/2023)

Enhancement List

  • Enhance the validation to ensure the account code use for Account (Item) is not special type account. (Ticket 153999)
  • Enhanced Lazada Update Price/Quantity to new LazOP 2.0 API structure (Ticket: 154038)

Closed Issues List

Hotfix 0004 (29/11/2023)

DynaMod 2023.3 Build 0000 Hotfix 0004

DynaMod Server Socket 2023.3 Build 0005

DynaMod Client Socket 2023.3 Build 0003

DynaMod Process Manager 2023.3 Build 0003

Enhancement List

  • Added option Customer pop up searching to include member records by default in Company Default Setting -> System Behavior
  • Added option "Is Enable POS New Member Input Member Number" to limit the user input
  • Added option "Is Enable New Member Input INCard Number" to limit the user input
  • New POS Setting Setup Module - Setup POS User Training Mode Session
  • Added Create Sales Order/Customer Invoice for TikTok orders
  • Added Generate Sales Order function for SiteGiant ERP orders (Process Manager)
  • Added Update Price to TikTok and Sync Quantity to TikTok

Closed Issues List
  • Fix the Popup form show on behind the other's application. To set the popup screen on focus. (Ticket 153716)
  • Stock Maintenance price mark up will now be recalculate when user changing the system cost for costing method Fixed Cost and when the mark up option is system cost
  • Increase connection timeout to reduce frequency disconnected from server
  • Fix DynaMod Sales Order round cent 'Enable_N' malfunction issue. (Ticket 154020)
  • Get full error detail from API respond. (Ticket 154039)
  • Fix Customer Statement Listing credit note remark doesn't show. (Ticket: 154058) 
  • Fix SmartSQL BOM assignment migration will include multi UOM stock. (Ticket: 153749)
  • Fix Supplier Goods Receive Note will prompt error exceed max length if the Barcode exceed 20 characters.

Hotfix 0003 (03/11/2023)

Enhancement List

  • Enhance the "Job No" field to use the popup option instead of free text in Location Account Job screen. (Ticket: 153248)
  • New POS Setting Setup Module - Notice2Go has been added to maintain the Notice2Go Store Setup and User Maintenance. (Ticket 153353)
  • Enhance Shopee marketplace download orders speed through asynchronous  (Ticket:153126)

Closed Issues List

  • Fix POS User Button Visibility Template setup screen cannot see the [Save, Close, Allow All, Disallow All] button when user window scale not in 100%. (Ticket: 153114).
  • Fix Customer Credit Note Listing duplicated detail. (Ticket 153194).
  • Fix Customer Statement Listing some remark doesn't show. (Ticket: 148561).
  • Fix Dynamod Server Socket unable change from 32 bits to 64 bits due to SmartSwitcher attend to overwrite the file before Server Socket has properly close. (Ticket 153204)
    • Dynamod Server Socket 2023.3 Build 0003
  • Fix Print Customer Invoice Email process date time is wrong.(Ticket 150375).
  • Fix *Conversion from type "DBNull" to type "Decimal" is not valid' error when after user remove the knock off document apply amount  for customer/supplier adjustment .  Ticket 153345
  • Fix Shopee marketplace unable to download products (Ticket 153315)
  • Fix scheduled email sent from DynaMod Process Manager, the generated PDF consist of "Trial" watermark.
    • Fix in DynaMod Process Manager 2023.3 Build 0002

Hotfix 0002 (13/10/2023)

Enhancement List

  • Enhance SiteGiant ERP stock adjustment with new progress bars for batch upload and save processes.
  • Enhance loading speed of stock adjustment using optimized batch downloads for the latest quantities.
  • Enhance the 'stock adjustment' option to align with default location or stock preferences from the setup screen

Closed Issues List 
  • Fix Location was not being copy into Customer Receipt when copy from bookmark document. (Ticket 152768).
  • Fix Member Deleted in Dynamod but POS still exist after Full Download. (Ticket 152772).
  • Fix Supplier Statement Listing some remark doesn't show. (Ticket: 139344).
  • Fix unable save the Customer Bookmark Template after edit. (Ticket: 152093).
  • Fix SiteGiantERP cannot sync qty and unable download inventory item issue. (Ticket: 153072)
  • Fix POS Menu font type not updated if click update only at client socket. (Ticket: 153124). 
    • Dynamod Client Socket 2023.3 Build 0002.
  • Fix Dynamod Server Socket create new database error. (Ticket: 152871). 
    • Dynamod Server Socket 2023.3 Build 0002.

Hotfix 0001 (28/09/2023)

Enhancement List

  • Enhanced DynaMod Server Socket to be allowed configure for enable SSL secure connection (https)
    • DynaMod Server Socket 2023.3 Build 0001 or above
    • DynaMod 2023.3 Build 0000 Hotfix 0001 or above
    • DynaMod Client Socket 2023.3 Build 0001 or above
    • DynaMod INCard Integration 2023.3 Build 0001 or above

Closed Issues List 
  • Fix Shopee sync quantity prompt error when products not found (Ticket :152810)
  • Fix Mega Kulim: Process Manager matching item issue (Ticket: 152930)