SmartSSO 2023.2 Build 0007 (Released on 07th Feb 2024)

1.    [Pay at Counter] shall always print Hold Bill slip regardless Hold Sales printing setting. (Ticket 155236)

SmartSSO 2023.2 Build 0006 (Released on 11th Dec 2023)

1.    Rectify double declaration of column [AcTaxIDServiceChargeSVT] in sql query.

2.    Added Auto Create Folder for Picture\Items if not exist.

3.    Changed Main slider Load Images method and added Close and Restart when out of memory.

4.    Added LargeAddessAware into solution to enhance performance.

5.    Set Target CPU as "Any CPU" instead of "x86" to enhance performance.

SmartSSO 2023.2 Build 0005 (Released on 11th Sep 2023)

1.    Rectify AcModifier.Modifier definition from 50 to 100 characters. (Ticket 152716)

SmartSSO 2023.2 Build 0004 (Released on 19th Aug 2023) 

1.    Fix system prompted message "Please Complete The Transaction." on Payment option screen and not allowed user to back to previous screen. (Ticket 152338)

2.    Function stRoundCent amendment. Prevent calculation issue if value passed in is not in 2 decimals.

SmartSSO 2023.2 Build 0003 (Released on 19th Aug 2023)

1.    Support Printer Group printing when PrinterGroup value more than 1 character. 

SmartSSO 2023.2 Build 0002 (Released on 18th Aug 2023)

1.    Added Table Service Module For FNB.

2.    Image Selected will Stretch to fit the Top banner.

3.    Updated GKash Error logging handling.

4.    Added various control on frmTableService.

- support input Table Number using scan QR or barcode.

5.    Rectify function stRoundCent. Input integer value without decimal point but return result mistakenly being minus 0.05.

eg:5, return result become 4.95.

6.    Fix Printer Group printing, support define printer format in Multi Printer Setting (AcMultiPrinter).

7.    Fix on GKUNIFIED payment, not Stored Correctly on Payment Settle Table, Causing Not Able to Refund Transaction.

8.    Disable Kitchen printing if user choose to Pay at Counter (Hold Sales).

9.    Support newly added option in Multi Printer setting to configure whether the printer is enabled to print by quantity.

SmartSSO 2023.2 Build 0001 (Released on 13th Jun 2023)

1.    Fix a scenario of wrong COM port is set for Revenue Terminal integration, Revenue Terminal payment screen not able to Cancel and Close.

2.    Setup Wizard, page Revenue Terminal setting, capture detected serial port name instead of hard coded COM1 to COM15.

3.    Revise OrderNumber mechanism. 

Eg: Prefix=2, No of Digit=3, Running Number=100, next order number will be 300 (200+100).

4.    Fix SSO Paysys Sales not record Sales.HostNo information when do sales causing unable to void sales later.

SmartSSO 2023.2 Build 0000 (Released on 19th May 2023) 

1.    Added try catch block to capture more info on areas that possible happen error: "Parameter is not valid." (Ticket 148926)

2.    FNBDataSet - Added TerminalID for

- SysLogCreditCardTerminalFieldData

- SysLogEWalletTrx

- SysLogINCardAPI

- SysLogTrxErr

3.    FNB Module, support POS Menu Section grouping display.

* require DynaMod version 2023.2 Build 0000 and onwards.

* require DynaMod Client Socket version 2023.2 Build 0000 and onwards.

* require TouchFNB version 2023.2 Build 0000 and onwards.

4.    FNB Module, set POSPrice font bigger (11.25 to 13.25).

5.    Promotion Module - Support Mix & Match Plan discount range, multiple level of discount within the same batch of stock.


Please update TouchFNB database to version 2023.2 Build 0000 or onwards before update SmartSSO to 2023.2 Build 0000.