TouchFNB 2023.2 Build 0009 (Released on 19th Sep 2023)

1.    Fix on Member Notes saved as Rich Text Format. ( Ticket 152377 )

2.    Function stRoundCent amendment. Prevent calculation issue if value passed in is not in 2 decimals.

3.    Added Article No to the button search and column of the Stock item lookup screen. ( Ticket 152444152446) 

4.    [UI2.0] Fix Modifier Button Click not Working on button 23. (Ticket 152608)

5.    Invisible option "Print Receipt After Scan Item" on page Printing Setting.

6.    [UI2.0] Added Print Queue Clear Button at Function page, Utilities Section.

7.    [UI2.0] Fix issue that selected Report Button is not highlighted in Report screen. (Ticket 152587)

8.    [UI2.0] Fix not able to input filter for Start Customer in Report screen.

9.    Added the following columns in Columns/Band Chooser for sales screen grid. 

      - ArticleNo

      - StockBrand

      - StockGroup

      - StockColour

      - StockSizes

      - StockCategory

      - StockDescription

      - StockDescription1

10.   F10 Stock Item Lookup screen to show [Cost] base on access right "Show Cost" checking.

TouchFNB 2023.2 Build 0008 (Released on 19th Aug 2023) 

1.    Fix Printer Group printing issue when PrinterGroup value more than 1 character.

TouchFNB 2023.2 Build 0007 (Released on 18th Aug 2023) 

1.    Added control not allowed refund for Shoppe2Go Online Sales on Reprint Receipt screen.

2.    Added option in Multi Printer setting to configure whether the printer is enable to print by quantity. (Ticket 152167)

3.    Resend to Kitchen printing, support printer group printing with selected printer only. (Ticket 152168)

4.    Fix on the Error which Cause Crash on Application when doing Scan Voucher.(Ticket 152312)

5.    Table AcMultiPrinter.[PrinterGroup] extended from 1 to 10 characters. (Ticket 152232)

  • Alter AcStkAll, extended PrinterGroup from 1 to 10 characters.
  • Multi Printer screen, Printer setting and Stock grid, [PrinterGroup] input limit to 10 characters.

TouchFNB 2023.2 Build 0006 (Released on 09th Aug 2023) 

1.    Fix Refund transaction with no void stamp and have award Stamp Did not award Stamp out.

2.    [UI2.0]  Fix on modifier button not functioning correctly.(Ticket 151831)

3.    [UI2.0]  Fix on Sales Person can be Edited even after Choosing the Sales Person from the listing.(Ticket 151585)

4.    [UI2.0]  Change Modifier Group category font to Black.

5.    [UI2.0]  Block Multi Select for the SalesPerson Listing

6.    Added Checking for "Out of Stock" for Modifier Item. (Ticket 151862)

7.    Added control fulfill modifier group quantity before hold sales or switch to fast menu screen. (Ticket 151865)

8.    [UI2.0]  Fix on Customer Notes not showing. (Ticket 151940)

9.    Added four parameters: terminal, cashier, customer, and 'created by,' to enable more refined filtering. (Ticket 151793)

       -Daily Sales Document - Sales Person

       -Daily Sales Item Sales Person

10.   Fix DynaMod version checking bug causing member balance point calculation from Member Purchase History Source is not working in Point Redemption screen. (Ticket 151880)

11.    [UI2.0 ]Fixed on when Modifier items without Barcode Refund will trigger Error. (Ticket 152070)

12.   [UI2.0]Set Incard Password Interface Changes.

13.   [UI2.0]Fix where payment screen will be blocked when After Incard member Registration and trigger Renewal. (Ticket 152082)

14.    Edit DailySalesDoc-Salesperson.mrt format, add sorting of DocumentNo. 

15.    [UI2.0] Fix Preview Report screen not able to input filter for terminal, cashier and sales person. 

16.   3 attempts of online verification of Voucher reduce to 2. To cater the scenario of with network connection but no internet, total 3 attempts will take nearly 1 minute for each voucher scan then only goes to offline verification.

17.    Prevent error of "InvalidArgument=Value of '0' is not valid for 'SelectedIndex'..." after close Scan Voucher screen.

18.    Rectify function stRoundCent. Input integer value without decimal point but return result mistakenly being minus 0.05.

         Eg: 5, return result become 4.95.

19.    Support Printer Group printing with define report format in AcMultiPrinter instead of use default Kitchen.mrt

20.    Setup Wizard - InCard Integration, added remark for [ ] Point Collection Exclude Redemption Amount

* Not applicable to option "Calculate Points in POS".

21.    Capture object info in log when unhandled exception error happened.

22.    Dispose dataset or data adapter in Payment screen after use to prevent memory issue. 

23.    Rectify default backup directory path in Data Maintenance screen. (Ticket 151802)

TouchFNB 2023.2 Build 0005 (Released on 21th Jul 2023) 

1.    Fix on IncardFailedUplaod Unable to Process Reupload.(Ticket 151478)

2.    Fix on GKASH QR pay will prompt Error After Complete Transaction(Ticket 151430)

3.    Rectify Cash Rebate promotion calculation if user discount is given.

4.    Fix on Incard Renewal will cause Block on Payment screen.

5.    [UI2.0] Change Kiosk Screen Image/Video Display method. (Ticket 151547)

6.    [UI2.0] Support POS Menu Item Font Type setting.

7.    [UI2.0] Change Category Menu Not active Button's text to Black for more obvious Visual

TouchFNB 2023.2 Build 0004 (Released on 07th Jul 2023)

1.    Revise Connection Setup access right checking. Check access right during Save Connection.

2.    Attempt to connect to database reduce from 10 attempts to 5 attempts. (auto prompt Connection Setup screen if failed to connect to database.)

3.    Fix 'Counter Closed' message not display on second display screen but on main screen. (Ticket 151310)

TouchFNB 2023.2 Build 0003 (Released on 26th Jun 2023)

1.    [UI1.0] Fix Enable Second Screen Display, and uncheck [Use New Screen Display] encounter error when there is no any image file on the directory. (Ticket 151037)

"System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: InvalidArgument=Value of '0' is not valid for 'SelectedIndex'."

2.    Support new payment type "CHEQUE" with change value.

3.    Support UI to setup database connection on Login screen with access right 10261 "Connection Setup" checking.

4.    Support new TranId 10262 (INCard Full Info) access right checking. (Ticket 151111) 

* Client Socket 2023.2 Build 0004.

5.    Fix setting changes on second display is not save into user.config.

6.    Display message "Counter Close" on second display screen whenever Counter is closed.

TouchFNB 2023.2 Build 0002 (Released on 12th Jun 2023)

1.    [UI2.0] Fix Member Register SmartCard Reader not working when go in from Manage Customer(Ticket 150376)

2.    Support Client Socket trigger Sync Cash Sales task after each transaction is performed.

3.    Fix Member File screen, not able to input IC No that start with 0xxxxx. (Ticket 150918)

4.    Fix Retrieve Sales and proceed to payment for INCard member transaction, after complete payment it will not submit to INCard server. (Ticket 150863)

5.    Fix on 2nd Display Issue that without Image List the Video wont play.

TouchFNB 2023.2 Build 0001 (Released on 24th May 2023) 

1.    Fix a scenario of wrong COM port is set for Revenue Terminal integration, Revenue Terminal payment screen not able to Cancel and Close.

2.    [UI2.0] Update Revenue Payment screen and Revenue Manual Approval screen UI.

3.    [UI2.0] Update iPay88 payment screen and SarawakPay payment screen UI.

4.    [UI2.0] Fix on Member Search Prompt blocked Payment Screen on Incard Renewal.

TouchFNB 2023.2 Build 0000 (Released on 18th May 2023)

1.    Promotion Module - Support Mix & Match Plan discount range, multiple level of discount within the same batch of stock.