TouchO2OSeries API 2023.1 Build 0008 (19/12/2023)

  • Fix possible error when consume endpoint of O2O/CashSale/CreateCashSale
    • "SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753 12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM"
    • The error was due to failed to parse BusinessCutOffDate correctly.

TouchO2OSeries API 2023.1 Build 0007 (13/10/2023)

  • Enhanced Print By Quantity with support based on particular printer option now.
    • Required TouchFNB/TouchPOS 2023.3 Build 0000 or above
  • Fix Print By Quantity not working correctly which shall follow as per setting in POS (TouchFNB/TouchPOS)
  • Fix tax calculation whereby the tax rate shall follow effective date.

TouchO2OSeries API 2023.1 Build 0006 (29/09/2023)

  • Fix error returned "DataTable already belongs to another dataset" whenever call CreateDirectSales API, with param of DoNotPrint set to false.

TouchO2OSeries API 2023.1 Build 0004 (19/09/2023)

  • - Enhanced Shoppe2Go Order by extend AcShoppe2GoOnlineOrder: State alter from 20 to 100 to cater oversea order State value could be longer than 20 chars.

TouchO2OSeries API 2023.1 Build 0003 (15/09/2023)

  • Fix ReceiptNo should be blank to allow split bill if status = 'O'
  • Fix Non-Stock Modifier posting incorrectly that could caused inconsistence printing behavior in POS

TouchO2OSeries API 2023.1 Build 0002 (24/07/2023)

  • Fix Modifier Stock posting incorrectly
  • Fix wrong logic of AcOnlineMemberM insertion caused large data duplicated and caused timeout. 

TouchO2OSeries API 2023.1 Build 0001

  • Fix Tax & service charge amount for CreateDirectCashSale API, when update didn't update service charge amount.
  • Printer function
    • Now can print using printer group
    • Code refactored
    • Better unit tested
    • Now will search for FNB's folder path before printing.

  • Add license info in Mainform, user can now see what is required for API program to be licensed.

TouchO2OSeries API 2023.1 Build 0000

  • Fix CreateDirectCashSale, not caculating NetAmount correct when there is service charge amount. (AcCSM.tax1)