Version 2023.1 Build 0008 (Release Date: 02-May-2023)

Big fix

  • Stock API, Fix IsReturnImage parameter now working properly and will not return base64 image data when set to false.

Version 2023.1 Build 0007 (Release Date: 13-Apr-2023)

Bug fix

  • Stock API, Fix Sql  now will properly return base64 image data from Dynamod API.

Version 2023.1 Build 0006 (Release Date: 22-Mar-2023)

Enhancement List

  • Stock service Now will return these column as below:
    - IsStockNotesAddToSales
    - StockNotes
    - IsStockNotesAddToPurchase
    - StockNotesPurchase

Version 2023.1 Build 0005 (Release Date: 06-Mar-2023)

Enhancement List

  • Stock With Location Balance API, now 
    • Add fallback route for StocksWithLocationBalance, so client can use QueryParam to pass value.
    • Use QueryParam as value can pass value that contain slash. No need encode.
Version 2023.1 Build 0004 (Release Date: 27-Feb-2023)

Enhancement List

  • Added Customer Invoice APIs for Singapore GST
    • CustomerInvoicesSimple_GST_SGP
    • CreateCustomerInvoiceSimple_GST_SGP

Version 2023.1 Build 0003 (Release Date: 21-Feb-2023)

Enhancement List

  • DynamodWebAPI, POST CreateCustomerCashSaleSimple API, 
    • Add Tax field and validator for ThemePark Project.
    • Add tax input validation.
    • Compute neccesary tax detail in the records (DiscountGST, PriceWith/WithuotGST, etc.)