TouchFNB 2024.2 Build 0000 (Released on 18th Jun 2024)

New Enhancement List

1.    Added column BalanceQty(online) and Print Stock Control Listing button.

2.    Added Total and Balances to the Customer Display when applying for Cash Rebate. (Ticket 157383)

3.    [UI2.0] Enhance readability of Sales screen grid header title.

4.    {UI2.0] Enhance readability of Report screen, report option.

5.    Fix on Sarawak Pay Not able to function correctly.

6.    Added OpenPointBalance in sales transaction. (Ticket 154726) 

7.    Support SEC Add On Menu table structure.

8.    Multi-barcode items will now displayed in the points redemption stock list. (Ticket : 154309) 

9.    Added SGD Discount Type checking  for Incard Voucher. (Ticket : 155117 )

10.   Add additional checking to payment table to check whether voucher is already in used in earlier transaction to prevent duplicate voucher number incident. (Ticket 155129)

11.   [UI2.0] Print Barcode Label screen updated to latest design.

12.   [UI2.0] New Print Barcode Label (Listing) screen added.

13.   [UI 2.0] Added Notice2Go module.

       - 2 Factor Authentication Login Method

       - Remote Approval From Notice2Go App Notification for User Access Right 

14.   Added validation before declare new payment record for voucher to prevent duplicate voucher number on same transaction. (Ticket 155652) 

15.   Reprint Receipt screen, 

  • enhance loading data performance.
  • show waiting cursor when loading data.

16.   [UI 2.0] Improved the button accessibility for menus, modifier and sales.

17.   Kill Client Socket and Restart Client Socket logic enhancement. Support Client Socket that not installed on default directory. (Ticket 155490)

* required Client Socket 2024.1 Build 0002 and above.

18.   Remove confirmation message when detected user.config file corrupted.

19.   Additional searchable member information added in reprint receipt (Ticket 155779)

20.   [UI 2.0] Support Item Accumulation base on setting that synchronized from backend.

* required Client Socket 2024.1 Build 0002 and above.

21.   Multi Printer screen, cover those blank value Stock item [PrinterGroup] during data update (align with current logic).

22.   Prevent duplicate voucher number validation issue due to sql server not returned data table due to connection issue. (Ticket 156141) 

24.   Changed TermID to Length 20 Char (Ticket : 156357) 

25.   Support Save Grid Layout by Terminal for Waiting List screen.

26.   Not Allowed deposit transaction to be deleted from Retrieve Sales or Table Status screen. (Ticket 156613)

27.   Added control(not editable) of IC Number and Name after data successfully read from IC card reader.

28.    Prevent Revenue payment occasionally encounter error message. (Ticket 156826)

"Index and length must refer to a location within the string.

Parameter name:length"

Closed Issues List 

1.    Fixed on Stock Alert Blocking Not working when Scan Item. (Ticket 157232)

2.    [UI2.0] Fixed print Credit Sales is not functioning on Payment screen. (Ticket 157195)

3.    [UI2.0] Fixed the bug unable to input decimal point on Cash In/Out screen. (Ticket 157196)

4.    Fix on Sarawak Pay Not able to function correctly.

5.   [UI2.0] Fix on Modifier Paging Issue (Ticket : 155377 ) 

6.    Fix PaySys Manual Approval screen was not show together with PaySys Payment form after user press [Alt] + [Tab] to other program. (Ticket 155265)

7.    Fixed EOD report's previous deposit not tally. (ticket 154954) 

8.    [UI2.0] Fix application failed to launch due to user.config file corrupted. (Ticket 155573)

9.    Fixed issue that not able to hold sales when split sales (Ticket 155266)

10.   Fixed counter status checking not prompting correctly occurred after login

11.   [UI 2.0] Fixed discount percentage not displaying when discount added (Ticket 155738)

12.   Fixed item modifier not showing in kitchen report (Ticket 155741)

13.   Fixed over deduction of item for hold sales (Ticket 155670)

14.   Fix on Exclude Voucher will Cause the Incard Point Award to be Refund(Ticket 155796)

15.   Fixed service charge not calculating for item duplicated when duplicate receipt (Ticket 155887)

16.   Fix master [DepositNo] wrongly updated if rehold deposit bill without input new deposit payment. (Ticket 156048)

17.   Resolved on Paysys Payment cannot Complete after Update to 2024.1 Build 0005.(Ticket 156254)

18.   [UI 2.0] Scan fingerprint without register crash issue fixed  (Ticket : 156591, 156234)

19.   Fix on Multi-Deposit with No Payment Amount Cause Cash , Card ,Other to be 0 on second Deposit Onwards. (Ticket 156579)

20.   [UI 2.0] Fix Shoppe2Go button is not visible even though there is license. 

21.   Fix on Gkash Unified Pending Payment not able to process retry (Ticket 156617) 

22.   Fix Revenue payment failed to complete on POS when amount reach thousand due to transaction amount validation bug. (Ticket 156849) 

23.   Fixed Member Point Calculation Issue In Receipt Printing. (Ticket : 156825)

24.   [UI2.0] Fix where Manage Customer Screen unable to add new Records.