SmartSSO 2023.1 Build 0006 (Released on 07th Apr 2023)

1.    Fix stock image only show in one item of the category menu (user set same item under different category menu) (Ticket 150005)

SmartSSO 2023.1 Build 0005 (Released on 07th Apr 2023) 

1.    Added "Prefix" in SSO Terminal Setting for Order Number use.

* Require TouchFNB version 2023.1 Build 0010 and onwards.

2.    Support OrderNumber with prefix and number of digit mechanism.

SmartSSO 2023.1 Build 0004 (Released on 30th Mar 2023)

1.    Support Open/Close Counter checking logic. Without proper Open/Close Counter logic, SSO EOD report will be incorrect. (Ticket 149111)

2.    Upgrade DevExpress v18.1 to v21.2

3.    Upgrade project framework from 4.0 to 4.6.

4.    Support module "FNB" INCard Member plug in with Credit Redeem.

5.    Support multi payment (previously allow one payment only).

6.    Module "RETAIL", set panel top (company logo) bigger, set ItemTotal font bigger(22 to 26).

7.    Update SLR.dll from to

8.     SmartSSO Now Supported GKash Ewallet Payment.

9.    Support Order Number daily reset value logic.

SmartSSO 2023.1 Build 0003 (Released on 28th Feb 2023) 

1.    Fix Payment Method Button not visible on Payment screen on second transaction. 

SmartSSO 2023.1 Build 0002 (Released on 21th Feb 2023) 

1.    Prevent error happened on Order Complete form.

"Cannot access a disposed object.  Object name: 'frmOrderComplete'."

"An error occurred creating the form. See Exception.InnerException for details.  The error is: Parameter is not valid."

2.    Added handling for Unhandled Exception in program.

3.    Fix Retail module, after Card Payment/eWallet Payment, it did not show back to scan item screen.

SmartSSO 2023.1 Build 0001 (Released on 07th Feb 2023) 

1.    Fix the issue of not able to complete iPay88 eWallet payment due to recent minor UI changes.

SmartSSO 2023.1 Build 0000 (Released on 12th Jan 2023)

1.    Revenue Terminal integration enhancement. Prevent POS will continue save the transaction even though detected Terminal returned previous transaction approval message. (Ticket 140801)

2.    Exit Application if Terminal ID is not found.

3.    Support module "RETAIL" feature.

* TouchFNB compatible version 2023.1 Build 0003 and onwards.

4.    Cover the scenario of user config file corrupted causing program not able to launch properly. (Ticket 141136)

5.    Revenue Payment screen and iPay88 e-Wallet payment screen change to bigger font size or label amount.

6.    Fix iPay88 e-wallet payment screen, logo display is very small and almost invisible.

7.    Re-arrange payment method button position for better view according to number of button visibility.

8.    Disable timer idle whenever pop up Menu.

9.    Added handling on Main Slider screen display after system idle.

10.  Revenue Payment screen, set picture box backcolor to transparent. 

11.   iPay88 payment screen, not to show ewallet type icons to avoid confusion.

12.  Paysys Payment screen, show payment amount.