How to fix 3 common POS hardware issues:


1. What do I do if my printer isn't printing receipts?


i. Try restarting the printer power switch, turn it off & on.  

ii. Check all printer cables unplug or remove and then to plug back make sure cables is tightly plugged in.

iii. Come to Control Panel > Devices and Printers check USB port is tick.


2. What should I do if my cash drawer won't open?

Check that the cash drawer is not locked, and check cash drawer cable is plugged in to receipt printer port tightly.

Setting up your cash drawer to open automatically – Help Center



3. What should i do orders sent to the Kitchen are not printing at the Kitchen Printer?

 i. Print a Self-Test Page: Turn off the printer. Hold down the Feed button while printer is powered off. Turn the printer back on and wait approximately 3 seconds before letting go of the feed button. The printer should print a test page with detailed native printer settings. Take note of the IP Address.

ii. Check the Ethernet Cable: Make sure the ethernet cable is tightly plugged into the correct port on the back of the kitchen printer.

iii. Come to Control Panel > Devices and Printers configure kitchen printer IP address.

Attention make sure configure IP address must same from self test IP address, if not same like below screenshot unable work.