Version 2021.2 Build 0006 (Release Date: 20th Oct 2021, 8.30pm, Wednesday )

New Enhancement List

  • CreateCustomerCashSaleSimple API enhancement:
    • AcCSDSimple Parameters added IsUsePurchaseAccount. Use Purchase Account? Y/N. Default N. If Y, then stock's purchase account would be used instead. Applicable to Quantity less than zero only.
  • Customer Module - Transaction API added Customer Credit Note
    • Added end point  /CustomerCreditNotes/simple.
  • Customer Module - Enquiry API added get customer's outstanding document listing.
    • Added end point /CustomerOutstandingDocumentListing/AcCustomerID/{AcCustomerID}
    • It would be useful for add new Credit Note as knock-off information.
  • Enhanced CreateCustomerDeliveryOrderSimple, CreateCustomerInvoiceSimple, CreateCustomerCreditNoteSimple by added support of document matching validation by introduce new parameters:
    • MatchIsActive
    • MatchType
    • MatchDocumentNo
    • MatchItemNo