TouchNPOS 2021.2 Build 0005 (Released on 01st Mar 2024)

1.    Added SV8 Tax Code Effective Date.

TouchNPOS 2021.2 Build 0004 (Released on 29th Dec 2023)

1.    Invisible "Button Visibility" under User Access Setting for One Series user. (Ticket 139615)

2.    Rectify TranID 10223 "Void Deposit" wrong ModuleID value.

3.    Fix Retrieve Sales screen, press button [Print], system prompt "Master Detail Amount Not Tally." because of AcCSM.Amount got cent difference with sum of AcCSD.ItemTotal. (Ticket 154427)

TouchNPOS 2021.2 Build 0003 (Released on 20th Jan 2022)

1.    Added field Stock Price1,Price2,Price3,Price4,Price5 for receipt format. (Ticket 136285)

2.    Fix after input partial cash payment and then click card payment button, Card Amount auto filled with long decimal value.

Added payment amount input validation(allow 2 decimals only). (Ticket 138587)

TouchNPOS 2021.2 Build 0002 (Released on 20th Jan 2022)

1.    Resolve issue #135626 [how to setup ipay88 to 1series]

  • Fix issue when eWallet table setting contain FASSPAY payment and will hit error.
  • Once set eWallet Payment Type, the payment will appear in eWallet button. (Required Smart Cover license)
  • Added button to delete EWallet Payment Type row in table
  • User can delete EWallet Payment Type button in screen so that button would not appear.

TouchNPOS 2021.2 Build 0001 (Released on 19th Aug 2021)

1.    Fix EWallet refund process: EWallet will not refund amount until user have confirmed 'Amount is lesser than 0' dialog. (issue 132858)

2.    Dual Display Update with Options and Different Display.

TouchNPOS 2021.2 Build 0000 (Released on 15th Jun 2021) 

1.    Fix member point was not calculated if the sales is chosen to save as Invoice.

2.    Deploy new SLR.dll version which enhance license file download process. 

3.    Enhance license file manual download at Login screen (system restart is required after download).