DynaMod Version 2020.3 Build 0000 added i-bank module

  • i-Bank is a module able to generate a text file with a list of transaction and to be import to the selected bank portal, currently support for UOB Bank (United Oversea Bank) only

i-Bank module located at [Common Module - System Utility - i-Bank]

i-Bank Integration Involved :

1. Setup Company added Payer Bank Account Maintenance

2. Company Default Setting added i-Bank Effective Date

3. Document Number Setting added i-Bank Transaction Prefix

4. Added Setup Payee screen

5. Payment Voucher 

  • Added Payee selection and Payee details
  • Added new user access right for ALLOW VIEW PAYEE DETAIL and ALLOW EDIT PAYEE DETAIL
  • Payment grid added i-Bank Approval related columns

6. Added i-Bank Dashboard screen 

  • To monitor all i-Bank transaction

7. Added i-Bank Transaction screen

  • To proceed i-Bank transaction

8. Added i-Bank Approval screen

  • To allow approve / reject i-Bank transaction

9. Added i-Bank Export screen

  • To export the text file import to bank portal

10. Added i-Bank Transaction Listing

  • To view / print out the i-Bank transaction report

i-Bank FLow