Important Note: For DynaMod program, .NET Framework 4.5 is required in order to run the program. 

Please update DynaMod Server Socket to 2020.3 Build 0000 

Please update DynaMod Process Manager to 2020.3 Build 0000 

Please update DynaMod Client Socket to 2020.3 Build 0000

New Enhancement List

  • Added Karl Lagerfeld System Integration.
    • Refer to [Common Module - System Utility - Karl Lagerfeld Integration]
    • The integration involved:
      • Sales Data Interface
      • Inventory Snapshot Interface
    • The integration would be needed to generate CSV file with required format for respective Data Interface.
    • Note: You may check the submission status from DynaMod easily.
  • Added i-Bank Integration Module
    • Refer to [Common Module - System Utility - i-Bank]
    • The module will be able to generate a text file with a list of transaction and to be import to the selected bank portal, currently support UOB Bank.
    • The integration involed:
      • Setup Company added Bank Account Maintenance
      • Company Default Setting added i-Bank Effective Date
      • Document Number Setting added i-Bank Transaction prefix
      • Setup Bill Payment Method added setting to display in i-Bank for payment type IBG and TT
      • Added Setup Payee screen
      • Payment Voucher added payee selection and payee details, also added new access right ALLOW VIEW PAYEE DETAIL and ALLOW EDIT PAYEE DETAIL, payment grid also added i-Bank Approval related columns.
      • Added i-Bank Dashboard screen
      • Added i-Bank Transaction screen
      • Added i-Bank Approval screen
      • Added i-Bank Export screen
      • Added i-Bank Transaction Listing
  • Stock Matrix added remove generated Matrix Output
  • Setup Stock Bulk update added setting Weighing Type (Ticket: 129498)
  • Enhanced report Supplier Credit Note Listing by added field Match Reference Number on knock off document section.(Ticket: 129395)
  • Enhanced INCard Member Enquiry screen by added [Card Status Description] and [Referral Card] information.
    • Note: Smart INCard Integration program required to upgrade to 2020.2 Build 0000.
  • Shoppe2Go Enhancement:
    • Shoppe2Go Store Screen - Added new option "Enable Upload New Price Products in Process Manager". By enabled this, new price products would be automatic uploaded whenever a task in DynaMod Process Manager (2020.2 Build 0002) being scheduled (SHOPPE2GO Upload New Price Products task)
    • Shoppe2Go Store Screen - Added new option "Enable Shoppe2Go Delivery App Process for POS". This option suitable for those who opt out Delivery App process at POS.
    • Shoppe2Go Products Screen - Enabled auto save for Product and Category List layout.
    • Shoppe2Go Products Screen - New functions added "More - 4 New Price Products", "Show Me" to show all new price products records; "Update and Upload Selected Products to Online Store" to perform upload new price products only to online store.
  • Enhanced Shopp2Go Store by required input of Store's API Key instead in order to get Access Token. Previously was required by Username and Password)
  • Enhanced input of System Document Number in transaction screens by limit it's maximum length to prevent unexpected error whenever save the record with more than 20 character. (Ticket: 129170)
  • Enhanced transaction deletion process by added message "XXXXX has been successfully deleted." after record been deleted. In additional, once Delete button pressed, it would be dimmed until the process completion to prevent from multiple time pressed. (Ticket: 129240)
    • Transaction Screens included as below:
    • Stock Opening
      Stock Take
      Stock Assembly
      Stock Quick Assembly
      Stock Adjustment
      Stock Transit
      Stock Transfer
      Stock Transfer (Receive)
      Stock Receive
      Stock Issue
      Stock Write-Off
    • Supplier Purchase Requisition
      Supplier Purchase Plan
      Supplier Quotation Request
      Supplier Purchase Order
      Supplier Goods Receive Note
      Supplier Goods Return Note
      Supplier Invoice
      Supplier Credit Note
      Supplier Debit Note
      Supplier Payment
      Supplier Payment (PDC)
      Supplier Quick Invoice
      Supplier Adjustment
    • Customer Quotation
      Customer Sales Order
      Customer Delivery Order
      Customer Delivery Return
      Customer Invoice
      Customer Cash Sales
      Customer Credit Note
      Customer Debit Note
      Customer Receipt
      Customer Receipt (PDC)
      Customer Packing List
      Customer Quick Invoice
      Customer Adjustment
    • Journal Entry
  • Enhanced File Attachment process in transaction screens by allowed re-extract or open for file that just added but yet saved. 
  • Enhanced File Attachment by added icon for each of action button. (Ticket: 129159)
  • Enhanced transaction posting performance on calculating stock balance quantity. (Ticket: 129226)
    • Stock Opening
    • Stock Take
    • Stock Adjustment
    • Stock Receive
    • Stock Issue
    • Stock Write-Off
    • Customer Invoice
    • Cash Sales
  • Enhanced Stock Value Maintenance loading performance by added additional input filter (Stock Account, Location, Account Job, Account Department).
  • Enhanced Stock Value Maintenance screen by allow change input criteria without need of press Edit button.
  • Enhanced Transaction Screen input behavior for Account Job and Account Department, it will now follow document's value.
    • Customer Receipt
    • Customer Receipt (PDC)
    • Payment Voucher
    • Payment Voucher (PDC)
  • Enhanced Transaction Screen input behavior for Account Job and Account Department, it will now prompt for confirmation to apply to all items whenever changes in document.  (Ticket: 129081) 
    • Goods Receive Note
  • Added Access Right of Void Quantity and Cancel Void Quantity for below transaction screens. (Ticket: 129491)
    • Purchase Request
    • Purchase Order 
    • Goods Return Note
    • Request Quotation
    • Customer Quotation
    • Sales Order
  • Added column ApprovalStatus, ApprovalAcUserID, ApprovalAcUserName, ApprovalRemark, ApprovalDate, ApprovalDateTime, AcSupApprovalID for Purchase Order Report and PurchaListing (Ticket: 129488)
  • Added DynaMod Stock Quantity Balance column in Lazada and Shopee Product screen
  • Added Shopee Voucher, Shopee Coin and Shopee Refund Amount in Shopee Order screen
  • Added WMS Task Log screen
  • Enhanced WMS Export Stock and Export Full Stock to be in batches of 1000 records per file
  • Added Order Type 'ORP' and 'INTERCO-ORP' for WMS Purchase Requestor screen
  • Enhanced Lazada and Shopee Store Management screen to show selected tab page
  • Added 'Product Name' column for Online Store Update Price/Quantity screen (Ticket: 129221) 
  • WMS - Added 3.9 Outlet Replenishment (ORP) 
  • WMS - 3.1 Ecomm Return GRN (Customer Credit Note) Price and Discount to follow Sales Order 
  • Enhanced Marketplace Generate Customer Invoice Order Status selection (Ticket: 129219)
  • Added Order Date To option for Marketplace Generate Customer Invoice
  • Added Order Date filter for Online Store orders to improve screen load time 
  • Enhanced Print Customer Credit by Added new data sources (ArticleSummaryData and ArticleMasterDatato report format. (Ticket: 129535)
  • Enhanced Customer Receipt Listing Report by added: (Ticket: 129138)
    • Payment Account Filtering
    • Grouping Option for Payment Account
    • Report Format added AccountNoPayment, AccountDescPayment
  • Enhanced Payment Voucher Listing Report by added: (Ticket: 129137
    • Payment Account Filtering
    • Grouping Option for Payment Account
    • Report Format added AccountDescPayment
  • Upgrade of system Report Engine component from version 2018.2.2 to 2020.4.2
    • Total of 93 related enhancements and 197 bugs fixed. (List of Changes)
    • Required minimum .NET Framework 4.5 to run the program now.
    • New DLL files included
      • Stimulsoft.Base
















  • Change Supplier/Customer Aging Listing of Suppress Zero logic that now will not be suppressed if there's advance document haven't been knock-off. (Ticket: 129246)

    • Supplier Aging Listing

    • Customer Aging Listing

  • Enhanced Customer Aging Listing by added columns MatchType, MatchDocumentNo, IsAdvancedPayment. (Ticket: 129222)

  • Enhanced Supplier Aging Listing by added columns MatchType, MatchDocumentNo, MatchReferenceNumber, IsAdvancedPayment. (Ticket: 129222)

  • WMS multiple document matching for Supplier Goods Receive Note, Stock Transit (PR), Customer Delivery Order & Invoice and Customer Delivery Order & Invoice (InterCo)
  • Added license checking for integration modules:
    • SQL Accounting Integration Module. (Ticket: 129648)
    • Adidas Integration Module. (Ticket: 129646)
    • Karl Lagerfeld Integration Module. (Ticket: 129647)
    • WMS BCS Integration Module. (Ticket: 129649)
  • Added Smart Cloud Backup link to Menu - Help (Ticket: 129673)
  • Enhanced Stock Adjustment Listing by added Stock Adjustment Type filtering. (Ticket: 129370)
  • Upgraded Teamviewer Quick Support embedded application from version 10.0.47484 to 15.9.4 (Accessible from Menu - Help) 
  • Enhanced Stock Sales Analysis - Summary report by added column "StockReferenceCost". (Ticket: 129645)
  • Added unhandled exception handling by logged the message in file (located in C:\SmartAcc\DynaMod Client Socket\ApplicationLog\yyyyMMdd_Log.txt). The message would still be prompted but will not caused the program being terminated. (DynaMod Client Socket 2020.3 Build 0000) (Ticket: 129265)
  • Enhanced Subsidiary Company module by added feature to be able to copy Promotion records to registered subsidiary companies. (Ticket: 129690)
    Promotion Type supported:
    • Promotion Plan - Stock
    • Promotion Plan - Member Group
    • Promotion Plan - Mix And Match
    • Promotion Plan - Purchase with Purchase
    • Promotion Plan - Buy and Free
    • Promotion Plan - Add On
    • Promotion Plan - Cash Rebate
    • Promotion Plan - Range Quantity Discount
    • Promotion Setting
  • Enhanced Subsidiary Company Module by added new screen for Subsidiary Company Promotion Registration. (Ticket: 129690)
  • Enhanced Cash In/Out Listing Report Format by added sorting DocumentDate, DocumentTime, DocumentNo. (Ticket: 129661)
  • Enhanced Customer Receipt Listing Report by added AcSalesmanName. (Ticket: 129689)
  • Enhanced SiteGiant Update Price/Quantity to support multiple location
  • Enhanced Company Setup for Registration No. (ROC) by extended the input length from 20 to 40 characters. (Ticket: 129694)
  • Enhanced Stock Sales History by Customer Enquiry by added ItemRemark3. (Ticket: 129742)
  • Enhanced Stock Purchase History by Supplier Enquiry by added ItemRemark3. (Ticket: 129741)
  • Enhanced Profit and Loss Listing (Multi Level) Report by added NET SALES amount for all report default format. (Ticket: 129483)
  • Added Shipping Stock ID and UOM ID for Marketplace orders (Lazada and SiteGiant)
  • Enhanced Stock Assembly (Quick Entry) by added item's Remark 1, Remark 2, and Remark 3. The Item Remark 1 would be copied to Stock Assembly document's Extra Remark 1. In additional, More - Import From Excel added support of input for column [Item Remark 1], [Item Remark 3] (Optional). Template file updated: C:\SmartAcc\DynaMod\Import Template\StockAssembly.xlsx (Ticket: 129805)
  • Enhanced Purchase Requisition by add a function "Import From File (Multi Documents by Location)".
    Added new import Excel template file "C:\SmartAcc\DynaMod\Import Template\SupplierPurchaseRequisition_MultiDocumentByLocation.xlsx" (Ticket: 129845)
  • Added Centralized POS & Client Socket Update. You can now setup and initiate an update of POS and Client Socket. All of POS which connected to DynaMod Client Socket will be perform auto update.
    • Support Subsidiary Companies POS update.
    • Access from POS Management - Setup - POS Client Socket - Client Socket POS Update.
    • Access from Subsidiary Company - Enquiry - Sub Company Client Socket POS Update Summary.
    • Requirement: TouchPOS, TouchFNB, DynaMod Client Socket must upgrade to version 2020.3 Build 0000 or above.

Closed Issues List

  • Fix Customer Statement Listing report format show incorrect of current page number of total page count - PageNofM. (Ticket: 128950)  
  • Fix license control for Goods Return Note, by include it to "Account Only" user license was missing.
  • Fix Online Store Module Licence (SiteGiant) checking issue. 
  • Fix Print Customer Credit Note report show duplicate detail. (Ticket:129147)
  • Fix possible error occurred when perform SmartSQL Migration Wizard on Account Stock Value task.
  • Fix Cash Sales bank charges amount wrongly posted into Round Cent Account. (Ticket: 129197)
  • Fix Print Stock Transfer Report with added standard report format: Stock Transfer ( A4 ) - Article (CrossTab) (Ticket: 129088)
  • Fixed Supplier Aging Listing, Advance Payment from Opening Balance doesn't shown whenever preview report with "Show Detail" option checked. (Ticket: 129245)
  • Fixed Customer Aging Listing, Advance Receipt from Opening Balance doesn't shown whenever preview report with "Show Detail" option checked. (Ticket: 129245)
  • Fixed Supplier Request Quotation error prompt "Column 'AcTermID' does not belong to table AcSupQuotationReqM" when attempt to save a record. (Ticket: 129294)
  • Fix and prevent from error when save a new transaction such as Goods Receive Note, Customer Receipt etc for "An exception occurred on the server: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_AcPostingxxxxx'". (Ticket: 129348, 1293)
  • Fix Stock Listing Report with tick Include Stock Image that the image will overlap data information by changed the report Engine Version to EngineV2. (Ticket: 129355)
  • Fix Print Bank Reconciliation Statement Report show the footer even the detail is empty. (Ticket: 129302)
  • Fix Supplier Adjustment Listing report couldn't show document list for filtering. (Ticket: 129444) 
  • Fix General Ledger Listing, Retained Earnings (Accumulated from Previous Years) possible not being computed. (Ticket: 129441)
  • Fix deletion of Journal Entry record could be experienced in slow posting. (Ticket: 129445)
  • Fix WMS failed to export void document
  • Fix Online Store Module Licence (SiteGiant) checking issue
  • Fix unable to download SiteGiant Customers (Ticket: 129061) 
  • Fix duplicate Shopee Orders when perform download 
  • Fix error creating SiteGiant Customer Invoice (Ticket: 129104) 
  • Fix SiteGiant Order missing Voucher/Coupon details (Ticket: 128790) 
  • Fix Marketplace Customer Invoice not sort by Item Display Sequence column 
  • Fix WMS Export null value 
  • Fix 'Wrong Sign' error on adding new product to Shopee (Ticket: 128938) 
  • Fix Stock GL Posting does not follow for Online Store Customer Invoice (Ticket: 129210) 
  • Fix SiteGiant Report total amount not tally (Ticket: 129235) 
  • Fix Shopee Store Setup Set Credit Card Promotion Stock ID error (Ticket: 129303) 
  • Fix Lazada/Shopee Customer Invoice shipping detail to follow order details after generated
  • Fix Marketplace Customer Invoice Reference exceeded maximum character length 
  • Fix Generate Customer Invoice error for Multi Company (Ticket: 129363) 
  • Fix SiteGiant Product SKU truncated to 20 characters (Ticket: 129473) 
  • Fix DynaMod Stock Quantity column editable in SiteGiant Product screen (Ticket: 128936) 
  • Fix 'Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow' error when add product to Shopee 
  • Fix Print Supplier Credit Note report show duplicate detail. (Ticket: 129600)
  • Fix Cash Sales stock posting, EditDate not being stored in Stock Card table
  • Fix Customer Aging Listing void payment the contra amount record is display as negative (Ticket: 129330) 
  • Fix Purchase Requisition document allow to edit Requestor ID after save
  • Fix Purchase Requisition document allow to select inactive Requestor ID
  • Fix Journal Entry by Import from Excel, the amount debit and credit should be always rounded to 2 decimal places.    
  • Fix Stock Adjustment report format, Stock Adjustment Type display value presented as incorrect format in detail listing.  (Ticket: 129370)
  • Fix DynaMod Client Socket sometimes prompted error of "Unable to cast object of type 'DevExpress.XtraBars.Ribbon.KeyTipForm' to type 'DevExpress.XtraEditors.XtraForm' " (DynaMod Client Socket 2020.3 Build 0000) (Ticket: 129405)
  • Fix POS Simulation error 'Column 'DiscountPromo' does not belong to table AcPOSCSD' whenever Promotion Member Group Plan - Adhoc is active. (Ticket: 129371)
  • Fix WMS Export Stock multi UOM not exported after edit Stock Barcode
  • Fix Shopee Order Date not in local time (GMT+8)
  • Fix Stock Assembly (Quick Entry) document length checking will display incorrect length if the current document number length exceed certain length. (Ticket: 129737)
  • Fix POS Simulation Mix & Match promotion calculate incorrectly when changing quantity. (Ticket: 129077)
  • Fix WMS Import Stock Transfer duplicate index key error
  • Fix Stock Transit Outstanding Listing, no record would be shown if uncheck "Detail Listing" option. (Ticket: 129814)