How to setup E-Wallet

Video :

Doc :

Once you get approved on apply eWallet, you will receive an email with pdf attached look like this.

If u have multi outlet u will have multiple pdf attached together.

With this, now can setup eWallet config at Dynamod


Open Dynamod, go to POS Management > Setup > POS Payment Type > iPay88 Store


Click + to add new record

Give a name for Store ID and Description (per Location/Outlet)

Merchant ID and Merchant Key follow PDF from the email

Change Location ID if multi location/outlet, follow correct info with PDF

And Save after done


Next, add in eWallet payment button

Back to system menu, and go to POS Management > Setup > POS Payment Type > Payment Type Template

And press edit (u need edit all if u have multiple Payment Template)

Add a new row, and select IPAY88 as Payment code

You can change the display sequence to change the payment button position

Save when done


You can preview it after save, by click More…, and select Preview Layout

As you can see the E-Wallet payment button appeared


Lastly, process sync at POS PC’s client socket,

Open POS System and go to payment,

You can see the result.