How to Change/Combine/Transfer Table


Doc :

Change Table

At Table Status Screen, first select your Table, click Select on below to highlight, select new Table,


And click Change Table XXX to Table XXX, done


Combine Table


Like Change Table, select Table A, click Select on below to highlight, select Table B

Example, select Table VIP3, click Select, and select Table VIP2, a Selection will prompt out,

click Combine Table XXX with Table XXX, done


By doing Combine Table, Table A will still be occupied after combine to Table B,

You can Split Table if you use Combine Table,
Select Table B, Function, Split Table


Split Table Option will prompt out, depend on your need, select your choice and click on Green Tick


Transfer Table


Follow the Step of Combine Table, then select Transfer Table when selection prompt


Transfer Item windows will prompt out,

You can Select few/some items with Tick or Select All items and click on Green Tick

A confirmation will prompt, click Yes