INCard Voucher – Gift Voucher

Scenario: Gift Voucher for every loyalty members

  • Merchant want to send gift voucher for their members as reward

How merchant need to apply voucher?

Merchant need to give voucher info for INCard when fill INCard application form


  • INCard Application Form - Voucher Configurations Part  (SAMPLE ONLY)

What to need to setup at DynaMod?

1. No need to create any vouchers at DynaMod, after approved from INCard

2. Just need to create POS payment type for INCard Voucher

a. Setup POS Payment Type

POS Management >> Setup >> POS Payment Type >> Payment Type

  • Payment Type MUST choose INCard Voucher

  • When save, it will prompt out a screen to do GL mapping for INCard Voucher, just click YES

  • Create GL Mapping for INCard Voucher

** Account code & account type depend on merchant

**  If missed the GL Payment Mapping setting screen, also can direct go to

     Common Module >> Setup >> Company Default Setting >> POS Payment Account

b. Setup Payment Type Template

POS Management >> Setup >> POS Payment Type >> Payment Type Template

  • Add INCard Voucher to your payment template

  • After add inside to your template, can try to preview layout display


How to redeem the voucher at TouchPOS?

1. When doing payment, INCard member just need to show the voucher from INCard Apps

a. Click “INCard” button to scan INCard Member No.


b. After scan / search the member, TouchPOS also will show voucher balance

c. Merchants have to request INCard member show the voucher to scan / prove it

d. Click INCard Voucher at TouchPOS’s payment screen

e. Scan / insert that voucher serial number to the voucher number there

f. After click the “Redeem Now” button, system will show successful to claim the voucher

** Balance just proceed as normal payment like cash or other payment type

** Sample Receipt for INCard Voucher **

INFO Sharing about INCard Voucher

1. Not ALLOW to delete INCard Voucher after scan for redeemed the voucher

2. INCard Voucher can be send to other persons as a gift through the INCard Apps

For Example: Member A want to transfer a voucher to Member B

a. Member A can use click “Gift To” and “SCAN CARD QR”

b. Member B can show member no. by member barcode / member qr code for Member A to scan

c. Member A directly scan Member B barcode / QR code, then will show at the empty space

** Click “CONFIRM” button to proceed to send the voucher to Member B

3. Point Exclude Voucher - Valid for INCard Voucher ONLY 

POS Management >> Setup >> POS Setting >> INCard System Setting

Example : After applied this point excluded voucher condition