How to download products from Lazada ?


1. Lazada Store Management - Product


 Go to [Start] – [Online Store] – [Lazada] – [Lazada Store Management]  (Figure. 1)


                                                                                                           (Figure. 1)

2. Download Products

Click on [Product] - [Functions] - [Download Products]. (Figure. 2)  

Products from Lazada will download to Lazada Store Management screen ONLY. 

( ** Please take note! Not download to Stock maintenance screen) 

                                                                                                   (Figure. 2)  

3. Refresh Data

Click on [Product] - [Functions] - [Refresh Data]. (Figure.3 ) 

Refresh Data means product information at Dynamod system will update accordingly. 

Example: Dynamod Stock quantity, Dynamod Stock price

                                                                                                  (Figure.3 ) 

4. Match All SKU

Click on [Product] - [Functions] - [Match All SKU]. (Figure.4) 

Before product matching, please do ensure that the stock ID do exists in your Stock Maintenance screen.

There are 4 different ways to do products matching:-

i.) Auto match with stock ID

ii.) Auto match with Barcode

iii.) Match by import file 

iv.) Manual product matching (Figure.5)