How to download the order from SiteGiant ?


1. Download Order

Click on [Orders] - [Functions] - [Download Orders]. (Figure. 1)  

                                                                                           (Figure. 1) 

                                                                                          (Figure. 2)

Please select the order date and check with the new order box or order status box. (Figure. 2)  

Then, click on [Get Orders] button. 

By default, the order date will set the date time for a week.

  • Get New Orders - Download new orders and update existing orders based on SiteGiant Store
  • Sync Order Status - Update Open order status


                                                                      (Figure. 3) 



After get orders, the status will based on SiteGiant status categorize as below:- (Figure. 3)  

  • OPEN - Shows Paid and Pending orders
  • PROCESSING - Shows Processed, Processing and Shipped orders
  • COMPLETED - Shows Cancelled, Voided, Denied, Expired, Failed, Cancelled Reversal, Chargeback,                                   Completed, Refunded and Reversed order

2. Show Cancelled Orders

Click on [Orders] - [Functions] - [Show Cancelled Orders]. (Figure. 4)  

                                                                                                (Figure. 4)  

** Cancelled orders are hidden by default

Click 'Show Cancelled' orders to view all completed orders.  (Figure. 5)

                                                                                           (Figure. 5)

3. Create Customer Sales Orders / Customer Invoice

Click on [Orders] - [Functions] - [Create Customer Sales Orders / Customer Invoice]. (Figure. 6)  

                                                                                                  (Figure. 6)  

Please select the order ID that want to create customer sales order or customer invoice. ( Figure. 7) 

System allow to select multiple different order ID or single order ID. Based on customer needs. 

** If want to select all, press [Shift] button, system will highlight all for you.

                                                                                        ( Figure. 7) 

System will generate the invoice based on the order ID that selected.   ( Figure. 8)

  • Your Reference  - Will show Order ID
  • Remark - Shopee tracking number
  • Reference - Shopee customer name

** Please take note ! If multiple different order ID selected, the reference, remark and your reference column will be blank.  You may trace the different order ID at the " Channel order No" column.