INCard Stamp – How To Create Stamp Earning & Redemption

Scenario: Car Wash – Car Wash 10 times Free 1 time Car Wash

  • Every time car wash earn 1 stamp, collected 10 stamps will get 1 time free car wash

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How to setup INCard Stamp Car Wash scenario at DynaMod?

1. Setup 2 stock items for Car Wash and Free Car Wash

Inventory Module >> Setup >> Stock

a. Car Wash setup for INCard member purchase

b. Free Car Wash setup for redeem

2. Setup that 2 stock items mapping with INCard package.

POS Management >> Setup >> POS Setting >> INCard Stamp Stock

a. Setup stock item Car Wash mapping with INCard Car Wash Stamp Name, then set Earn Quantity to 1, so 

    every time INCard member purchase Car Wash will get 1 stamping

b. Setup stock item Free Car Wash mapping with INCard Car Wash Stamp Name too, then set Redeem 

    Quantity to 1, once INCard member collected 10 stamps, they will allow to redeem this Free Car Wash at 


** TAKE NOTE !!! **

  • Stamp Name is ready by INCard vendor, merchant should be fill in at application form

  • INCard Application Form - Stamp Configurations Part (SAMPLE ONLY)

How to collect & redeem the stamps at TouchPOS?

1. When INCard member purchase Car Wash at merchant shop, they will collect 1 pc Car Wash Stamping

Click Stamp Info button to view INCard member stamp collection info, INCard app also will show it

2. Once INCard member purchased 10 times (Included previous 1 transaction) Car Wash, they will qualified to 

    redeem 1 Free Car Wash

3. Once collected 10 stamps converted to gift, INCard member must use the gift before expired

** Below images are show how to check INCard Stamp from app **


INCard member can direct redeem the gift at merchant, if they qualified to redeem the stamp

Steps to redeem at Merchant’s TouchPOS

A. Click the redeem item FREE CAR WASH

B. Insert redemption password (If forget can check at INCard App)

C. Successful to redeem the gift FREE CAR WASH

** Below images are show how to check the redemption password from app **