How To Setup SiteGiant Store ?


1. Setup SiteGiant Store


i. Go to [Start] – [Online Store] – [SiteGiant] – [Setup SiteGiant Store]  (Figure. 1)



                                                        Figure. 1

       ii. Click on [+] to setup a SiteGiant Store. (Figure. 2)

                                                                               Figure. 2

Example to setup a SiteGiant Store. ( Figure. 3) 

                                                                                Figure. 3

Example of user URL. ( Figure. 4) 


                                                                                             Figure. 4 

Store ID - Once Created unable to edit

Description - To give a meaningful name to the store

Active - If the store no longer use anymore, may uncheck the box as an inactive.

API URL - Get from user  ( Figure. 4 )

API Key - Send an email to Smart-acc Admin

2. Setup Sales Order and customer Invoice Setting

Include Shipping Fee - Means the shipping fee was included when invoice and sales order is created. ( Figure. 5 )

Customer Setting - Please create a card file at customer setup first and the system will AUTO fill up the customer ID when 

invoice and sales order created.  ( Figure. 5 )

                                                                                           Figure. 5 

3. Dynamod Process Manager Settings

                                                                                                Figure. 6

Download Products Setting  ( Figure. 6) 

Download SiteGiant Product -  Will auto download all the product from SiteGiant to Dynamod.

Match All SKU with Stock ID -  Will auto match all the SiteGiant SKU with Dynamod Stock ID

** To ensure that Dynamod and SiteGiant Stock ID is the same

Match All SKU with Barcode - Will auto match with SiteGiant SKU with Dynamod Barcode

Download Order Setting  ( Figure. 6) 

Download SiteGiant Orders - May set an effective date to AUTO download the order from SiteGiant to Dynamod

Generate Customer invoice Setting  ( Figure. 6) 

May set an effective date to AUTO generate the invoice at Dynamod System.

How To Validation SiteGiant Store ?

Once save,  please do validate the store by clicking the "More function" ( Figure. 7) 


                                                                              Figure. 7

If successful, system will prompt out the message. ( Figure. 8) 


                        Figure. 8

If not successful, system will out this message. ( Figure. 9) 

The causing might be wrong API Or URL. Another reason might be the internet connection issue.

Please do re-key in the API URL and API key to validate the store again.


                                Figure. 9