How to setup Lazada store ?


1. Setup Lazada Store


i. Go to [Start] – [Online Store] – [Lazada] – [Setup Lazada Store]  (Figure. 1)

                                                                (Figure. 1)

ii. Click on [+] to setup a Lazada Store. (Figure. 2) 

                                                                      (Figure. 2) 

iii. Fill up the Lazada Store information and Save the record. (Figure. 3) 

                                                                         (Figure. 3) 

  1. Store ID                                        Once store ID created, unable to edit.
  2. Description                                   Give a meaningful name to the store.
  3. Active                                            If the store no longer exist, may unchecked the box as an inactive.
  4. Lazada Region                              Select the country for authentication.

2. Get Lazada Approval Code

i. Go to [More] – [1. Get Lazada Approval Code]. (Figure. 4) 

                                                                        (Figure. 4) 

ii. It will link to Lazada Open Platform , please fill up the email and password to submit. (Figure. 5)

                                                                                    (Figure. 5)


ii. Once submit, it will link to this page to click on " Copy to clipboard" button to get the approval code. (Figure. 6)


                                                                         (Figure. 6)

iii. Please paste the approval code at Dynamod.  (Figure. 7)

                                                                            (Figure. 7)

2. Get Lazada Access Token

i. Go to [More] – [2. Get Lazada Access Token]. (Figure. 8) 

                                                                                    (Figure. 8) 

ii. After click to get the Lazada access token, it will auto fill up the relevant information to Dynamod which 

  highlighted in red box. ( Figure. 8) 

                                                                           ( Figure. 8) 

3. Refresh Lazada Access Token If token expired

i. Refresh the token once expired.  ( Figure. 9)  

ii. The token expired date will stated at Lazada Dynamod Setup Store. It will be expire in 30 days based on the date 

generate. Once expired, user able to manual click for refresh the Lazada Token OR base on the process manger to 

AUTO refresh. ( Figure. 9)  

** If fail to get the expiry date, then have to get the approval code again.

                                                                              ( Figure. 9)  

4. Sales Order and Customer Invoice settings

i. Default the customer ID when online transaction has been created. ( Figure. 10)  


                                                                                         ( Figure. 10)  

  1. Include Shipping Fee                   Shipping fee will included when invoice and sales order created
  2. Customer ID                                 System will AUTO fill up the customer ID when invoice and sales order created

5. Dynamod Process Manager Setting

i. Default the download products and order setting.  ( Figure. 11) 

ii. Auto generate the customer invoice for OPEN / COMPLETED Orders by effective invoice date set. ( Figure. 11) 


                                                                            ( Figure. 11) 

6. Process Manager Setup

i. Setup the task plan for Lazada ( Figure. 12) 

                                                                                  ( Figure. 12)                                                       

Task to setup: ( PLEASE do setup the task in order as mentioned below)

  1. Download Lazada Products             
  2. Download Lazada Orders
  3. Refresh Lazada Sync Access Token ( Set as 14400 min = 10 days due to the token will expired in 30 days)