SiteGiant Store Setup

Dynamod Process Manager Settings

Validate Store to check if entered API URL and API Key is working

SiteGiant Store Management

SiteGiant Dashboard


Download Products

Download Products from SiteGiant Web Store

Refresh Products

Refresh Stock Information (Ex: Dynamod Stock Quantity)

Product Stock Matching

Match SiteGiant Product with Dynamod Stock

Update Product Price / Quantity

Synchronize Quantity to SiteGiant

Add Product to SiteGiant

Add from Stock Maintenance screen

Fill in product general information

Variant information automatically added for Stock with common Stock Article No

Shipping and SEO Information


  • OPEN - Shows Paid and Pending orders
  • PROCESSING - Shows Processed, Processing and Shipped orders
  • COMPLETED - Shows Cancelled, Voided, Denied, Expired, Failed, Cancelled Reversal, Chargeback,                                   Completed, Refunded and Reversed orders

*Cancelled orders are hidden by default. Click 'Show Cancelled' orders to view all completed orders.

Download Orders

  • Get New Orders - Download new orders and update existing orders based on SiteGiant Web Store
  • Sync Order Status - Update Open order status

Create Customer Sales Order / Customer Invoice

Generate Customer Invoice

  1. Select order date from (Invoice will be generated for orders between selected date to current date)
  2. Select Order Status to generate Customer Invoice


Download Customers

Import Customers to Dynamod

Update Dynamod Customers

Update existing Dynamod Customers based on SiteGiant customer information