New Enhancement List

  • Enhanced Purchase Order - Fast Stock Reorder, the sequence of item ordered (upon press button Order) would now follow the exactly the sorting as per displayed on grid in Fast Stock Reorder screen. (Ticket 117244)
  • Enhanced Goods Receive Note - Import from Purchase Order by added Unit Price column. (Ticket: 127276)
    • New Import File Template refer to:
    • C:\SmartAcc\DynaMod\Import Template\SupplierGoodsReceiveNoteMatchPurchaseOrder.xlsx
    • C:\SmartAcc\DynaMod\Import Template\SupplierGoodsReceiveNoteMatchPurchaseOrder.txt
  • Default value Display Text for IPay88 eWallet payment type change from "IPAY88" to "E-Wallet"
  • Added SiteGiant Customer (Download and Import customers from SiteGiant to DynaMod)
  • Added Sync Quantity function for Lazada and Shopee.
  • Added 'Paid Orders Only' selection for SiteGiant Generate Customer Invoice.
  • Added PrestoMall, and Youbeli Customer ID for SiteGiant customer invoice.
  • Enhanced SQL Accounting Integration module by added new tasks (These tasks applicable to DynaMod Process Manager 2020.1 Build 0000):
  • Update SQL Accounting Integration to support their version from 5.2019.877.783 due to customer table (AR_Customer) structural changed. Column RegisterNo revoked and added column BRN, BRN2.
  • Enhanced Stock Pop-Up screen by enabled auto search (Ctrl+F) after input search keyword without need of manual press 'Find' button.  (Ticket: 127375)
  • Enhanced transaction screens by disabled 'Customize Layout' (Right click on form) to avoid causing of confused. (Ticket: 127379)
  • Enhanced Stock Transaction Enquiry screen by added Balance Quantity column. (Ticket: 127519)
  • Enhanced Import Transaction pop-up screen by added column [Your Reference] for below: (Ticket: 127460)
    Pop-Up of Import from Customer Quotation
    Pop-Up of Import from Customer Sales Order
    Pop-Up of Import from Delivery Order
  • Enhanced the Import From Quotation/Sales Order/Delivery Order, the "Your Reference" would be copied over now. (Ticket: 127459)
  • Enhanced transaction screens by enabled auto save/load the pivot grid settings and layout (Item Summary (Read Only)). (Ticket: 127278)

    Stock Opening
    Stock Take
    Stock Adjustment
    Stock Transit
    Stock Transfer
    Stock Transfer (Receive)
    Stock Issue
    Stock Receive
    Stock Write-Off

    Purchase Request
    Quotation Request
    Purchase Order
    Goods Receive Note
    Goods Return Note
    Supplier Invoice
    Supplier Credit Note
    Cash Sales

    Customer Quotation
    Sales Order
    Delivery Order
    Delivery Return
    Customer Invoice
    Customer Credit Note

  • Enhanced Duplicate Cheque Number detection for both side of Payment Voucher and Payment Voucher (Post Dated Cheque). (Ticket: 127265)
  • Enhanced Customer/Supplier Settle Credit or Advance screen by enabled 'Enter' key pressed for search and move to next input. (Ticket: 126895)
  • Enhanced Customer and Supplier Statement Listing whereby always included unmatched Post Dated Cheque entries disregards of date-range filtering. (Ticket: 126941)
  • Enhanced Customer Sales Order and Cash Sales Print Document by added Article Data Source to it's report format. (Ticket: 127232)
  • Enhanced Marketplace Sales Order and Customer Invoice to display Stock Description 1 & 2.
  • Enhanced Other Receipt and Other Payment screen by enabled input of new item row with keyboard arrow key down for convenient usage of input. Also enabled grid's footer to be able to show summary of figure. (Ticket: 126918)
  • Enhanced Smart Schedule of backup process when the zip option is checked. The speed of zip improved from 13 hours to 15 minutes needed in the case of compressing 350GB .bak file (database backup file). Please upgrade to Smart Schedule 2020.1 Build 0000.
  • Enhanced access right of Stock Maintenance - "Show Cost" to be implied for:
    • Price Markup Option
    • Price Markup %
    • Price 1 Profit Margin %
    • Price 2 Profit Margin %
    • Price 3 Profit Margin %
    • Price 4 Profit Margin %
    • Price 5 Profit Margin %
  • Enhanced license control for Goods Return Note, by include it to "Account Only" user license. 

Closed Issues List

  • Fix Stock Sales Analysis - Summary report format changed ItemTotalPrice instead of ItemLocalTotalPrice. (Ticket: 127349) 
  • Fix Customer and Supplier Statement Listing with ReportTypeOption 0 ( Balance B/F ) if untick suppress Zero hide all customer/supplier no debt & no transaction. (Ticket :116596)
  • Fix when delete location id without any transactions yet prompt an error message: An exception occurred on the server: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. (Ticket: 127391)
  • Fix Supplier Aging Summary Listing Report with IsSuppress Zero is ticked don't show the supplier is zero balance. (Ticket: 127500)
  • Fix unable to download new Shopee Products.
  • Fix SiteGiant Progress Bar not complete after downloading new orders.
  • Fix Customer Invoice created from POS, [DocumentRemark] is null. (Ticket 127552)
  • Fix Inactive Location that shouldn't be able to input or selected from pop-up. (Ticket: 127501)
  • Fix Cash Sales Browse Screen Date Column Issue (Ticket: 127538 )
  • Fix error message prompted when attempt to open Document Number Settings for a particular company (multi companies database). (Ticket: 127551)
  • Fix incorrect Product Variation Original Price for Shopee Orders.
  • Fix Customer Delivery Order Report Default Format : Delivery Order (A4) - SST that some lines will out of position when detail items is between 35 and 40. (Ticket: 127411)
  • Fix Customer Invoice Report Default Format : SST Invoice (A4) that some lines will out of position when detail items is  between 35 and 40. (Ticket: 127411)
  • Fix Bill Payment Method screen controls remain disabled after edit (Ticket: 127645)
  • Fix Cash Sales Report Format Title Cash Sales (A5) - GST Serial Number and Cash Sales (A5) - SST Serial Number (Ticket: 127640)
  • Fix transaction screen such as customer invoice, there would be hardly perform double click on the grid to show Item Remark 1 if the content of remark very long, the tooltip would be covered the column and make it not able to double click to show the input screen. (Ticket: 127561)
  • Fixed Voucher maintenance screen there's possible for user unable to open More - Manage Voucher after Add/Edit record. (Ticket: 126864)
  • Fixed Stock Maintenance screen with opened of Smart Inspector, the result sometimes would not reflected whenever use Find Panel (CTRL+F) to search. (Ticket: 126754)
  • Fixed Customer Invoice report, the column of DocumentLocalBalanceAmount and DocumentCurrencyBalanceAmount should not be presented as 0.00 but DocumentLocalFinalAmount and DocumentFinalAmount instead. This would avoid wrongly presented of paid amount whenever invoice is printed. (Ticket: 126979, 126988)
  • Fixed Purchase Order would prompt error when import from Sales Order. (Ticket: 127681)