Upcoming Version ( 2019.1 Build 0004 ) (Tentative Release Date: 4th September 2019 1:00pm Wednesday).

Please update DynaMod Server Socket to 2019.1 Build 0004

Please update DynaMod Client Socket to 2019.1 Build 0004

Please update DynaMod Process Manager to 2019.1 Build 0012

Please update TouchPOS to 2019.1 Build 0012

Please update TouchFNB to 2019.1 Build 0012

New Enhancement List

  • Enhanced Customer Aging Summary Listing by added new report columns CustomerTermID, CustomerTermDesc, CustomerTermDays. (Ticket: 117433)
  • Enhanced Fast Order process in Purchase Order, by added column [Active Purchase] in the grid. User can now uncheck it to indicate as discontinue purchase the particular stock from the supplier. (Ticket: 116561)
  • Enhanced Customer and Supplier Settle Credit or Advanced process to manipulate the matching date correctly so that report figures would presented consistently identical (Aging without details, Aging with details, Aging Summary and Statement). (Ticket: 117222, 116541, 116721, 116722)
  • Enhanced performance of Balance Sheet Listing (Multi Level); Balance Sheet Listing; Trial Balance Listing. Reduced from 30 minutes to less than 1 minute.
  • Enhanced Search Barcode in Stock Maintenance screen that allowed search the barcode by given pattern including multiple barcode maintenance. (Ticket: 126181)

    Stock 15000239 with multiple barcode maintained as ABCC
    Stock 13000725 with multiple barcode maintained as ABCD
    Stock 15000053 with multiple barcode maintained as ABCE
    Stock STK_ABCG with barcode as ABCG

    The above records were expected returned when search with Barcode '%ABC'
  • Enhanced documents matching posting performance and optimized server resources for following document types:
    • Supplier Quotation Request
    • Purchase Plan
    • Purchase Order
    • Goods Receive Note
    • Goods Return Note
    • Supplier Invoice
    • Supplier Credit Note
    • Sales Order
    • Delivery Order
    • Delivery Return
    • Cash Sales
    • Customer Invoice
    • Customer Credit Note
    • Stock Transfer
  • Enhanced performance of process functions in "More - Check Document Matching Status (Document Matching Watcher)
    • Void All
    • Void Current
    • Cancelled All Voided
    • Cancelled Current Voided
  • Enhanced Stock Transaction Enquiry for Stock Adjustment result to show the quantity and values according to it's adjustment factor. (Ticket: 117541)
  • Enhanced document import by adding import locking mechanism, now whenever a document is imported it will be locked and if another user try to import the same document then system will inform the user that the selected document is currently processing. Also added a document number import lock records screen to view all or remove any abnormal locked records.
  • Enhanced document auto number locking mechanism, the auto number will now automatically jump to next number if the current auto number is manually insert by user.
  • Enhanced stock price updater to be able to update profit margin % as well.
  • Added IdentityNo field selection in all customer transaction listing.
  • Added an option in database validationto display top 100 invalid transactions only
  • Enhance Member Stock Group Promotion to support multi barcode.


  • Enhanced Receipt/Payment screen by added "Location ID (Match Document)" info on details items for easy reference. (Ticket 126219)
    • Customer Receipt 
    • Customer Receipt (PDC)
    • Customer Credit Note
    • Customer Adjustment
    • Customer Settle Credit or Advanced
    • Customer Receipt Printing
    • Customer Receipt Listing
    • Customer Credit Note Printing
    • Customer Credit Note Listing
    • Customer Adjustment Printing
    • Customer Adjustment Listing
    • Payment Voucher
    • Payment Voucher (PDC)
    • Supplier Credit Note
    • Supplier Adjustment
    • Supplier Settle Credit or Advanced
    • Payment Voucher Printing
    • Payment Voucher Listing
    • Supplier Credit Note Printing
    • Supplier Credit Note Listing
    • Supplier Adjustment Printing
    • Supplier Adjustment Listing
  • Enhanced the message prompt on Supplier Opening Maintenance screen whenever the input entry of "Document Number" or "Document Number (System)" already exists. (Ticket: 126260)
  • Enhanced detail item's Remark in transaction screens to be able to direct show the corresponding remark info whenever mouse device hover the "Remark 1" cell without need of double click to view. (Ticket: 126259)
  • Enhanced Customer Aging Listing Report screen by added an option (Enable Extra Document's Info) to retrieve additional document's info such as: (Ticket: 126141)
    • DocumentRemark
    • RefDocumentNo
    • DocumentYourReference
    • ExtraRemark1
    • ExtraRemark2
    • ExtraRemark3
    • ExtraRemark4
    • You may then add those desired info to your preferred report format. 
  • Enhanced Supplier Aging Listing Report screen by added an option (Enable Extra Document's Info) to retrieve additional document's info such as: (Ticket: 126141)
    • DocumentRemark 
    • RefDocumentNo 
    • ExtraRemark1 
    • ExtraRemark2 
    • ExtraRemark3 
    • ExtraRemark4 
    • You may then add those desired info to your preferred report format.
  • Added Supplier Credit Limit and Term Control.

  • Enhanced the performance of Customer Selection in Popop Screen that don't auto calculate combined member point from others databases. You can reflect the combined member point by press the button on column "Member Point Balance" for a particular member if needed. (Ticket: 126304)
  • Enhanced the Balance Sheet Listing (Multi Level) Report that show the differences values when not tally. (Ticket: 126357)
  • Enhanced Member Group Promotion Setup Wizard by adding in new promotion setting - Limited Quantity Promotion. This setting uses to restrict each member maximum quantity purchase in each location, this restriction could reset by day and location as well so that each member can enjoy the same promotion for several days. Below is the new setting screen:
  • Enhanced Registered Client Socket by added POS server information and disabled edit function.


Closed Issues List

  • Fixed SQL Accounting Integration. (Also applied to DynaMod Process Manager 2019.1 Build 0011
    • Upload Cash Sales process with Non-Cash payment type (eg: Credit Card) should refer to it's Payment GL Mapping Account Code.
    • Upload Customer, the currency always refer to SQL Accounting default currency which is ----
    • Download Stock Transfer as Stock Receive, fixed the details items always empty in DynaMod after downloaded.
    • Fix error when attempt to manually perform upload cash sales from DynaMod.
    • Every time before and after sync, terminate any SQL Accounting Process as per advised from API.
  • Fixed Customer Debit Note Listing result shown incorrectly if filtered by Document Number. (Ticket: 117508)
  • Stock Balance Quantity Listing by revert the logic of "If as at date >= today then use current balance" to always present the balance quantity as at date selected.  (Ticket: 117314)
  • Fixed ADIDAS Integration error prompted whenever manually perform upload. (Ticket: 126088)
  • Fixed figures shown different in some scenario when compare with Customer Aging (without details), Customer Aging (with details), Customer Aging Summary, Customer Statement. (Ticket: 117222, 116541, 116721, 116722)
  • Fixed figures shown different in some scenario when compare with Supplier Aging (without details), Supplier Aging (with details), Supplier Aging Summary, Supplier Statement. (Ticket: 117222, 116541, 116721, 116722)
  • Fixed Customer and Supplier Statement footer (Aging Summary) figures to tally with it's balance amount. (Ticket: 117222, 116541, 116721, 11
  • Fixed Stock Transfer document matching status doesn't reset to N (It'd been set to Y and process manager wouldn't reprocess anymore) when it'd error on posting which could caused over matching.
  • Fixed General Ledger Listing - Multi Currency Report with balance amount show in currency amount. (Ticket: 126139)
  • Fix Multiple Barcode entries synchronization for Subsidiary Company, the edit date should always use current process date to ensure Client Socket able to download to POS. (Ticket: 126124)
  • Fix Supplier Aging and Supplier Aging Summary Listing, the Payment Voucher's Discount amount doesn't included. (Ticket: 126078)
  • Fixed Setup user location fast assignment does not save after making changes, also enhance the grid layout to be able to save.
  • Fixed database validation will prompt records of GL Missing for Payment Voucher/ Customer Receipt with 0 amount.
  • Fixed database validation will prompt records of Stock Card Missing for POS cash sales non-stock modifier item.
  • Fixed Profit and Loss may produce incorrect result after update to 2019.1 Build 0003.
  • Fixed POS upload sales may prompt error "Procedure or function pfSyncAcCSMPaymentInserthas too many arguments specified" after update to 2019.1 Build 0003.
  • Fixed discount input unable to insert decimal numbers.
  • Fixed Unrealized Gain And Loss will prompt error AcCurrencyID does not allow null value after saving the record
  • Fixed Bank Reconciliation will prompt error Invalid Column name AcAccountGLDetailID after posting the record.