Note: Please update DynaMod Server Socket to 2019.1 Build 0002

Note: Please update DynaMod Process Manager to 2019.1 Build 0006

New Enhancement List

  • Enhanced control for deletion checking of Location/Job/Department. (Ticket: 115926) More Info
  • Enhanced control of Multi Uom Stock Popup Form by revoked the 'Minimize' button to avoid the form not able to be viewed. (Ticket: 116005)
  • Enhanced database validation process by added 2 tasks. (Ticket: 115981)
    • GL Missing (To find and show any documents related to account (eg: Invoices, Credit Note, Payment Voucher etc) not being posted)
    • Stock Card Missing (To find and show any document's stock that related to inventory (eg: Invoices, Stock Adjustment, Stock Take etc) not being posted)
  • Enhanced database validation process by added validate method for "Payment Voucher (Missing Payment)" (Ticket: 115978)
  • Enhanced checking and controlled for Customer Receipt and Payment Voucher by not allowed to save if there's any over matched amount (Item Balance negative). (Ticket: 116002)
  • Enhanced the calculation of Stock Transit [Net Total Price] to be always recalculated before the document being saved. (Ticket: 115629)
  • Enhanced Delivery Order input control. (Ticket: 116057)  More Info
    • Not allowed to save document amount that less than zero
    • Prompt a reminder there's zero quantity's item in the list when attempt to save the document.
  • Enhance sales and purchase cycle certain report able direct email without preview report.  Affected report show as below:-   More Info
    1. Print Customer Quotation
    2. Print Sales Order
    3. Print Cash Sales
    4. Print Delivery Order
    5. Print Delivery Return
    6. Print Customer Invoice
    7. Print Customer Credit Note
    8. Print Customer Debit Note 
    9. Print Customer Receipt
    10. Print Customer Adjustment
    11. Print Receipt (Post Dated Cheque)
    12. Customer Statement Listing
    13. Print Request Quotation From Supplier
    14. Print Purchase Order
    15. Print Goods Received Note
    16. Print Goods Return Note
    17. Print Supplier Invoice
    18. Print Supplier Credit Note
    19. Print Supplier Debit Note
    20. Print Payment Voucher
    21. Print Supplier Adjustment
    22. Print Payment (Post Dated Cheque)
  • Enhanced Print Barcode Label function by added Variable Calculation function in report designer (Variable, and Calc tab). (Ticket: 116187)  More Info
    1. Inventory - Report - Print Barcode Label - Use Advanced Barcode Program - Design
    2. Inventory - Report - Print Barcode Label by Document - Use Advance Barcode Program - Design
  • Enhanced DynaMod Process Manager by added sync of Stock GL Posting records. (Ticket: 116112)
  • Optimized Database Size and Data Posting Performance 300%
    • Document Matching Header Table (Eg: 72MB reduced to 25MB)
    • Document Matching Detail Table (Eg: 94MB reduced to 32MB)
    • Stock Alert Level Table (Eg: 1516MB reduced to 126MB)
  • Enhanced Journal Entry by enable input of Currency ID and Exchange Rate.  More Info
  • Enhanced ADIDAS Data Interface Integration by added mapping of shop code to location, and INVENTORY data interface changed to take as at date stock balance.
  • Enhanced Print Customer Invoice by added DocumentCurrencyMatchAmount, DocumentCurrencyBalanceAmount to report data source. (Ticket: 116130)
  • Added a new cost setting in Company System Setting - Default Stock Value for Weighted Average cost calculation to set all cost factor stock input transaction to post as the first transaction of the day.   More Info
  • Added a new Bank Reconciliation input method - Bank Reconciliation By Period, the transaction will now generate base on the period selected and all clear history that perform in this period will be display as well, user will also able to input the actual bank statement balance to keep track and system will automatically calculate and display the difference compare with the system bank statement balance. This new input method only support new monthly records that haven't been clear using the previous method in order to get the correct reconcile record and also the bank statement balance.
  • Added CustomerID field in SiteGiant Store screen to automatically add corresponding CustomerID when creating Marketplace Invoice.
  • Enhanced Customer Receipt ItemRemark1 to follow matched Document Remark.
  • Added individual Shopee Product Matching function.
  • Added Update Price and Quantity function for Lazada and Shopee products.
  • Enhanced Marketplace Order Screen to show or hide cancelled orders.
  • Added Marketplace Download Products and Orders for Lazada and Shopee (DynaMod Process Manager)
  • Enhanced SiteGiant Update Price and Quantity function to follow POS price and location quantity.
  • Added E-Wallet and FassPay default payment and default account.  More Info

New Closed Issues List

  • Fixed selective products missing when downloading products from Lazada.
  • Fixed Order Remark and Reference missing for Lazada and Shopee Orders with same Order ID.
  • Fixed SiteGiant Update Price and Quantity prompt error for single variant product.

  • Fix Stock Maintenance auto calculate selling price incorrect for multi-uom that more than 2 level. (Ticket: 116055)
  • Fix Stock Sales Analysis By Subsidiary Company - Summary cannot retrieve sub company data. (Ticket: 115908)

New Enhancement List to include in 2019.1 Build 0001 Hotfix

  • Enhance Customer/Supplier Opening currency rate to be auto reflect base on the rate maintain in Setup Currency. (Ticket: 116029)
  • Enhance Currency Pop up screen to display the Bank Buy Rate and Bank Sell Rate base on the document date if it's available. (Ticket: 116029)
  • Enhance Customer Credit Note/ Supplier Credit Note when import serial number from Customer Invoice/Supplier Invoice will check the availability of the serial number. (Ticket: 116075)

Closed Issues List to include in 2019.1 Build 0001 Hotfix

  • Fix drill-down to Supplier Invoice screen from Payment Voucher (by double click on match document number row) could be located wrongly record (Whenever there's same invoice number but different supplier). (Ticket: 115927)
  • Fix DynaMod Process Manager - Recalculate Member Points task could caused keep synchronize all member records from Subsidiary Company Client Socket and all DynaMod Client Socket. It would be degraded system performance significantly. (Ticket: 116008)
  • Fix Customer Debit Note Listing, the filter of document number show up wrongly as Customer Invoice List. (Ticket: 116051)
  • Fix error prompt in Customer Receipt PDC (Post Dated Cheque) whenever there is file attachment for a particular record. (Ticket: 116099)
  • Fix Purchase Order - Fast Reorder function, the Supplier SKU and it's Remark doesn't auto filled up whenever confirmed the reorder. (Ticket: 116095)
  • Fix error prompt when perform Confirm New Stock in screen [Import Customer Invoice from Parent Company]. (Ticket: 116037)
  • Fix error prompt when Update Price / Quantity to SiteGiant for products with only one variant.
  • Fix screen does not refresh automatically after creating individual Sales Order/Customer Invoice in SiteGiant Order Screen.
  • Fix Stock Article Number display empty in Purchase Order Fast Stock Reorder. (Ticket: 116083)
  • Fix Debtor/Creditor Control Account does not reflect when select customer/supplier that had maintain a specific control account in Customer/Supplier Opening. (Ticket: 116071)
  • Fix Stock Transfer (Receive Stock) and Stock Transfer does not lock Location while user already enable relevant setting. (Ticket: 116019)