Cash Sales Validator is a place to show any different between Backend and POS for Cash Sales transaction.

If you have POS terminal that collect sales, you shall always verify that your POS sales is tally after auto synchronized to backend DynaMod system.

This listing also would presented you as a different, if you are added/modified/deleted of Cash Sales that originally from POS

You can perform [Subit Resync], it will notify POS's client socket to re-synchronize the corresponding record. Those requested re-sync records will appeared on [Awaiting Synchronize List] tab, once POS's end perform the request, the list would be marked as re-synced.  

Here's also the place for you to manually verified that you're actually acknowledge these transactions were correct, by checked the column [Is Verified]. First press [Select All], check whether is verified, the press [Save Change] button

Press the [Save Change] button if you wished to confirm the verification of those transactions.

In Cash Sales Comparison tab, you can quickly filtered the causes of different for cash sales between POS and Backend with options of: Taxable Amount Not Tally; GST Amount Not Tally; Final Amount Not Tally; Bill Count Not Tally; or All.

Eg: If you have not tally of bill count, it mean that number of transactions from POS was different from Backend by its specific Location.