1.  Fix Purchase Supply Listing(Sales Tax), date filter value assignment issue
     Fix Purchase Supply Listing(Service Tax), date filter value assignment issue

2.  Set Stock Item compound tax checkbox to visible when Enable SST.

3.  Fix Touch N POS Server Socket posting error ("ambigous column sIsGSTCom") for Invoice record.

4.  Fix Customer Statement option "Balance b/f" some IsOpening='Y' records are not shown in report when StartDate is earlier than financial period.

5.  Handle "Most Recent" costing method when same stock item in same Supplier Invoice.

6.  Added E Wallet General Setting.

7.  Fix TNP Server Socket posting error for E-Wallet related transaction.

8.  Fix "Average" costing method, those transaction that falls between last in-cost and second last in-cost transaction, cost calculation is not working.