Hotfix 0006 (Release Date 03/Jan/2019 11:00pm Thursday)

  • Fix Migration Wizard on Account Opening issue. (Ticket: 114972)

Hotfix 0005 (Release Date 31/Dec/2018 4:00pm Monday)

  • Fix Customer Receipt/ Supplier Payment Voucher double click applied amount will always apply full amount and may exceed the already key in payment amount. (Ticket:114873)

Hotfix 0004 (Release Date 28/Dec/2018 5:00pm Friday)

  • Added Hide Cancelled Orders option for SiteGiant Orders.
  • Added individual product matching function for SiteGiant Product.
  • Added column to display stock balance and stock quantity difference in SiteGiant Store Management.
  • Added Download SiteGiant Products and Download SiteGiant Orders function (DynaMod Process Manager)
  • Enhanced SiteGiant Download Products function to download product with Variant SKU.
  • Enhanced SiteGiant Match products with SKU function to match with Variant SKU.
  • Enhanced Stock Transaction Enquiry to display Marketplace Channel Name and Order ID as Remark 1.
  • Enhanced SiteGiant Store Management report to display based on variant SKU.
  • Fix SiteGiant not downloading orders with "Paid" status.
  • Fix no barcode when generate Sales Order / Customer Invoice from SiteGiant orders.
  • Fix incorrect message when downloading orders from SiteGiant.
  • Fix Subtract Stock from SiteGiant not reflected in SiteGiant Store Management.
  • Fix SiteGiant Download Orders do not download within given date range.
  • Fix no reference and remark when create Group Sales Order / Group Customer Invoice for orders with same Order ID.
  • Fix SiteGiant Download Product screen freezes if SiteGiant API information is set incorrectly.
  • Fix SiteGiant products not removed in SiteGiant Store Management after deleted in SiteGiant.

Hotfix 0003 (Release Date 20/Dec/2018 6:00pm Thursday)

  • Fix Shopify connection issues: "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send." due to Shopify had recently upgraded their security protocol (Ticket: 114812)
  • Fix unable to delete record from Stock Matrix (Ticket: 114822)

Hotfix 0002 (Release Date 19/Dec/2018 4:00pm Friday)

  • Enhanced Stock Alert Level by Location screen to allow fast input and save for all locations at once. (Ticket: 114760)
  • Enhanced Stock Maintenance screen whereby add multi-uom stock, the stock price 1 to 5 will be auto calculated whenever changed of Stock UOM/Rate/Based UOM. (Ticket: 114770)
  • Fix Incorrect Monthly Stock Value presented in Balance Sheet Listing and Balance Sheet Listing (Multilevel). (Ticket: 114704)
        The Monthly Stock Value figure should take Current Month Closing Value - Last Month Closing Value.
        Affected Reports Option:
        1. This Month Only
        2. This Month and This Year
        3. This Month vs Last Month
        4. This Month vs Last Month and This Year vs Last Year
        5. Months Comparison
        6. This Year vs Months Comparison
        7. This Month vs Location
        8. This Month vs Job
        9. This Month vs Department 

Hotfix 0001 (Release Date 7/Dec/2018 4:00pm Friday)

  • Enhanced Payment Voucher export to file by added a column [Match Reference Number] for ease of matching purpose.
  • Fix Supplier Invoice, input of detail items with [Tax Input] column (No tax code nor SST/GST enabled), the Local Gross Total calculated wrongly and subsequently caused the account posting not tally for local amount. (Ticket: 114664)
  • Fix Paste Transaction shortcut key not working (Ctrl + Alt + V) and it became (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + V). It had been reversed back to original shortcut key for paste transaction function (Ctrl + Alt + V). (Ticket: 114675)
  • Fix Database Validation that error will be prompted for Validate Master Data - Account and there's invalid account found. (Ticket: 114673)
  • Fix Customer Statement report: Company Statement issue: (Ticket: 114542)
    • Fix incorrect logic of suppress zero that could caused Company Statement with balance being suppressed.

    • Fix Company Statement not working for Report Type: [Balance B/F + Open Balance (By Match Document) and [Balance B/F + Open Balance (By Document Date)]

  • Fix Customer Statement report, the option [Show Allowed Print Only] not functioning. (Ticket: 114674)

  • Fix Stock Take system generated multi UOM record display incorrect total price and total cost. (Ticket: 114635)