Please update to DynaMod Server Socket 2018.3 Build 0005 or above

Please update to DynaMod Process Manager 2018.3 Build 0007 or above

Hotfix 0008

  • Fixed duplicate item when create Customer Invoice from Shopee Orders.

Hotfix 0007 (2018-11-02)

  • Enhanced in Goods Receive Note screen for input control of Supplier, by disabled for changes whenever there's import of Document (Such as import from Purchase Order) to prevent records being import from different Supplier. (Ticket: 114161)
  • Added Customer Aging Summary Listing - 11 Columns Format - Local Figure. ( Ticket: 114266 )
  • Fix Supplier Statement error after update to DynaMod 2018.3 Build 0001 Hotfix 0006 (Ticket: 114263)

Hotfix 0006 (2018-11-01)

  • Fix Error during repost transactionAn exception occurred on the server: *** [pfPostStockAssemblyAutoBOMCostByTempDocList], Line 83. ErrorNo 16915: A cursor with the name 'BOMCursor' already exists. (Ticket: 114081)
  • Fix Cannot delete Purchase Plan even after deleting matching Request Quotation document (Ticket: 113873)
  • Fix error "Task: Sync Stock error: Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types." in DynaMod Process Manager 2018.3 Build 0004 (Ticket: 113511)
  • Fix error "Task: Sync Stock - Stock Company error: Collection was modified; enumeration operation might not execute." (Whenever the sync stock's costing method is FIXED COST in DynaMod Process Manager 2018.3 Build 0005 (Ticket: 114145)
  • Fix Customer Invoice Report show incorrect page no ( Ticket: 112160 )
  • Fix Purchase Order, Goods Receive Note, Goods Return Note, Supplier Adjustment, Supplier Credit Note - unable to input for [Tax Input Amount]
  • Fix error when saving in Stock Matrix screen (Ticket: 114187)
  • Fix error searching item in Stock Maintenance for DynaMod SG (Ticket: 114207)
  • Fix Supplier and Customer Invoice Amount should be controlled by not allowed negative. (Ticket: 112947)
  • Added back the 'Switch User' button by changed to 'Logout' instead (It will logout to the login screen). (Ticket: 112875)
  • Fix Supplier Aging drill-down (by click on document number whenever preview) could probably open incorrect screen (it should open invoice screen but it opened Goods Received Note instead; Given that there were same document number for both GRN and Supplier Invoice.) (Ticket: 113252)
  • Fix [Stock Sales Analysis - Summary] report, the cost always presented as 0. (Ticket: 114209)
  • Fix Stock Matrix incorrect Edit By and Edit Date when Update New Setting to Stock Master (Ticket : 109935)
  • Fix DBNull error when downloading orders from Shopee Store Management
  • Fix Stock Sales Analysis by Subsidiary Company, column [Subsidiary Company ID] and [Subsidiary Company Description] in Summary View always show as 'Error' word. (Ticket: 113563)
  • Fix Sales Tax Code being used in Journal Entry and couldn't presented in Sales Tax Supply Listing.
  • Fix Service Tax Code being used in Journal Entry and couldn't presented in Service Tax Supply Listing.
  • Fix Migration Wizard error prompted when attempt to begin analyze data. (Ticket: 114227)
  • Fix error prompt on Cash Sales screen whenever import from Quotation/Delivery Order/Sales Order. (Ticket: 114247)

Hotfix 0005 (2018-10-26)

  • Fix error downloading products with invalid Modified Date from SiteGiant.
  • Fix matched StockID and UOMID cleared after downloading products from SiteGiant.

Hotfix 0004 (2018-10-24)

  • Fix unable to change Company Default Setting after adding new company
  • Fix SmartUpdater program identified there's update available even it already latest build. (The program will auto update accordingly with SmartUpdater version 2018.3 Build 0000) (Ticket: 113807)
  • Fix broken fixed assets link with its accumulated depreciation account by provided a screen (open from Chart of Account setup screen - More) for matching configuration. (Note: Please update DynaMod Server Socket to 2018.3 Build 0004 or above) (Ticket: 113300, 113743)

Hotfix 0003 (2018-10-23)

  • Fix error when adding or deleting stock item in Stock Maintenance screen (Ticket: 114109, 114132)
  • Fix error when saving after importing from excel file in Stock Price Updater (Ticket: 113890)
  • Fix Goods Receive Note, Goods Return Note, Supplier Adjustment, Supplier Credit Note - unable to input for [Tax Input Amount]

Hotfix 0002 (2018-10-22)

  • Fix Purchase Order - unable to input for [Tax Input Amount]
  • Fix Customer Invoice - incorrect position of button [Basic Search] and [Advance Search]
  • Enhanced Account user now able to access full POS Management Module.
  • Fix Import Multiple Barcode did not check for duplicate barcode in Stock Company¬†
  • Fix Multiple Barcode Assignment saves CreateBy and CreateDate as NULL value.
  • Fix adding new record in Supplier Purchase Plan will prompt error.

Hotfix 0001 (2018-10-18)

  • Supplier Payment - Import from Excel, enhanced import speed.
  • Fix Supplier Payment - Import from Excel, the calculation might incorrect. (Applied amount from non-zero change to zero)
  • Fix Price Inclusive SST radio box size in Company Default Setting screen.
  • Fix WeChatPay Approval Code must be same for Stores with same Client ID and Client Secret.