1.  Added Tariff maintenance (System Setup -> Stock Item -> Tariff)

2.  Card File added 

  • Sales Tax Reg No
  • Service Tax Reg No
  • SST Exemption Certification Number
  • SST Tax Code(Supply)
  • SST Tax Code(Purchase)

3.  System Default Setting and Preferences -> SST , caption changed to "Is Selling Price SST Exclusive". this setting will be applied to backend sales cycle transaction as well.



4.  Change caption "GST Compound Tax" to "Is Compound Tax" in Stock Item and Stock Matrix screen.

5.  Rename Sale cycle document, footer label, "GST" to "G.Tax"

6.  Added Tariff Maintenance (System Setup -> Stock Item -> Tariff)

7.  Fix Edit Card File(Customer) information in parent company, system did not update to Subsidiary Companies.

8.  Fix Profit And Loss Listing spelling error "Less Other Expences" corrected to "Less Other Expenses".

9.  Fix Supplier Enquiry shows 100 records only even though search result has 101 record.

10.  Sytem Tools Combo - Stock Updater

  • added SSTTaxCodeSupply filter
  • added update Tariff

11. Added module <SST Malaysia>

  • Added SST Filing Report

12. Support on SST Sales Tax Registrant, accrual basis posting

13. Support on SST Service Tax Registrant, payment basis posting (for Customer Invoice and Customer Debit Note).

14. Added SST Validation in Database Validation

  • SST Validation
  • Update Transaction Tariff Based on Stock Item
  • Repost SST 02 Transaction Data

* updated on 5pm 26-Oct-2018

15.  Fix non SST registrant, create Supplier Credit Note import Supplier Invoice(import from PO/GRN), system will prompt "GSTAccD cannot be blank".