1) Q : Do I need to update my system to have SST enabled?

     A : If you are SST registered, you are required to upgrade your system. You may refer to the link below for guide on how to perform the update. If you are non SST registered, you may opt to not upgrade            the system.

          How to update Dynamod : https://smartacc.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/9000153114-9-how-to-perform-update-upgrade-for-dynamod-and-dynamod-server-socket

          How to update SmartSQL : https://smartacc.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/9000153116-11-how-to-update-upgrade-smartbizsql

          How to update POS : https://smartacc.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/9000153115-10-how-to-update-upgrade-touchfnb-touchpos-and-dynamod-client-socket

2) Q : What product that i need to upgrade to have SST enabled?

     A : Product that need to upgrade is Dynamod, SmartSQL, TouchPOS, Touch FnB, TouchNPos, OneEz, OneFnB.

3) Q : Do I need to amend my report format?

     A : Yes, you need to amend your Customize Customer Invoice by removing the word TAX from the Tax Invoice and all the GST Information need to be remove. Then the format need to be save as a                   new format name so that if there's any reprint invoice also is available.

4) Q : Do I still need to retain my company GST Information in Company Setting?

    A : Yes, you need to retain the GST Information.

5) Q : Is GST account still retain in my database after update to new version?

     A : Yes. As the account will be audit, therefore we advice to keep the account for 7 years for audit purpose.

6) Q : Is there new account code for SST?

    A : Yes. The information will be further updated.

7) Q : Is there any column to key in Sales and Services Tax Registration Code?

     A : Yes. There's different column for Sales Registration Code and Services Registration Code.

8) Q : When is the new version is available for update?

    A : The new version will be available after 28th August 2018.

9) Q : What is the proposed SST Tax Code for stock item?

    A : Custom is yet to announce whether is there any SST Tax Code. However, Smart-Acc will be using SV6, SV0, SL10, SL5, SL0 as Sales and Services Tax Code for easier clasification of the items tax.

10) Q : I'm previously is GST registered company but am not a SST registered company, what can i do with my Smart system.

      A : You may opt not to update the Smart system and you need to disable the GST Setting from your Dynamod or SmartSQL setting. You can call to Smart or Smart-Acc dealer's helpdesk for more guide             on how to disable the setting.

11) Q : How can I check whether is my company is SST register or not?

      A : You may follow the steps in the link below or check with your company's accountant for more verification.