Please update to DynaMod Server Socket 2018.2 Build 0005

New Enhancements

  • Added Marketplace - Shopee
    • Added new Shopee Stores Setup
    • Added new Shopee Store Management (Dashboard / Products / Orders / Stores / Reports)
      • You can now Sync Orders and Products from Shopee Stores.
    • Added Shopee to Online Store Management

  • Enhanced sync progress of Lazada/11 Street for Products and Orders.

Closed Issues

  • Fix settle customer opening payment does not handle gain and loss for foreign currency.
  • Fix journal entry generate from unrealized gain and loss post incorrectly and caused document out of balance.
  • Fix Customer Aging Listing - Local Figure balance sum incorrectly when there are foreign currency.
  • Fix auto BOM record sometimes may not be remove if the master document is deleted.
  • Fix Salesman Commission by Item Price Listing does not generate base on item detail salesman.
  • Fix import Customer/Supplier Opening from excel does not allow document date within the middle cut off date.
  • Fix Marketplace - 11 Street Sync Orders sometimes error prompt.