*Note: Please update DynaMod Server Socket to 2018.1 Build 0008 or above.

New Enhancement

  • Enhanced Stock Sales Analysis Enquiry by presented the data summary up-to Document Type and Document Number (Now data presented in much more details) (Previously was summarized up-to document date level); Re-defined the correct way of GP % in Pivot Summary calculation.

            Note: You may need to remove current form settings to get the GP% in Pivot correctly.

  • Upgraded Report Engine to Stimulsoft Report 2018.2.2 as there were several bugs fix in previous version 2018.2.1 (Example, some of the report whenever press Preview in Edit mode, error message will be prompt "Object reference not set to an instance of object."

  • Added [Salesman Direct Commission] report whereby it’s now enable to input the commission amount directly for salesman 1 or 2 in Customer Invoice and Cash Sales details each of item line. It’s a replacement of SmartSQL’s [Salesman Commission by Mechanic] report.
    • Cash Sales and Customer Invoice screen allowed to input commission for 2 salesman for each individual item in details.
    • Access to report in Customer Module – Report – 13. Salesman Direct Commission

            Note: Commission input for Salesman 1 or 2 in Customer Invoice or Cash Sales.

            Note: Output the report in Summary or Detail


  • Enhanced Balance Sheet Listing by added total for each of Fixed Assets, and also present the out of balance amount if any.

  • Enhanced Balance Sheet Listing (Multi-Level) by added total of each of Fixed Assets.

  • Enhanced Profit and Lost Listing (Multi-Level) by added parent account's group total and presented in it's footer.

  • Enhanced Customer Receipt and Payment Voucher by added Payment History Details.

  • Added new System Audit Trail setting in [Company System Settings - 8. System Behaviors]. By turn on this option, it will perform audit trail for specific transactions:
    • Customer Invoice
    • Cash Sales
    • Supplier Invoice
    • Stock Transfer

  • Added new report System Audit Trail Listing
    • Common Module - Report - System Audit Trail Listing

Closed Issues

  • Fix Report Header content would be squeezed whenever using Code Soft printer driver DP7645III as default.
  • Fix POS Sales Summary report that might present incorrect collection figure whenever POS Deposit was collected.
  • Fix Customer and Supplier Statement document sequence disorder when select option Balance B/F + Open Balance (by Match Document)
  • Fix Customer and Supplier Bad Debt relief incorrect data posting.
  • Fix Supplier Debit Note account posting failure.
  • Fix Customer Opening allow save duplicate document no.
  • Fix the process of Deferred Stock Cost Regenerate should not be run at DynaMod if set to 'MANUAL'.
  • Fix sometimes error message will be prompt “An error occurred invoking method. The destination thread no longer exists.” when select customer and press enter key in report screen.
  • Fix Item Notes column in Cash Sales does not follow Item Remark column when importing from Customer Quotation.
  • Fix spelling mistake in Regenerate Stock Cost process screen.
  • Fix message keep prompting "The current supplier invoice number xxxxx already exists." for new document and being save by press "Ctrl + S" more than once immediately.
  • Fix Delivery Order does not prompt Credit Limit Control