*Note: Please update DynaMod Server Socket to 2016.1 Build 0021 or above.

New Enhancements

  • Added New Module: Location Control.
  • Company System Setting added new setting whether to enable location control in system.
  • Added new screen Common Module – Setup – System Location Control.
  • Added new function for Common Module – System Security  - User – More – Location Control Fast Assignment

To enable location control in system, following criteria must fulfill:

  • License of Location Control.
  • Enabled Location Control in System Setting for the company.
  • Enabled Location Control for the particular screen/report/alert
  • Enabled User’s Accessible Locations
Inventory Module
Supplier Module
Customer Module
POS Management
Stock Opening
PO Requisition
POS Sales

Stock Take
Purchase Plan
Sales Order
POS Deposit

Stock Assembly
Request Quotation
Delivery Order

Stock Transit
Purchase Order
Delivery Return

Stock Transfer
Goods Receive Note
Customer Invoice

Stock Receive
Goods Return Note
Cash Sales

Stock Issue
Supplier Invoice
Packing List

Stock Write-Off
Debit Note
Debit Note

Stock Adjustment
Credit Note
Credit Note

Payment Voucher
POS Deposit

PDC Cheque

PDC Cheque

Stock Balance
Stock Purchase History by Supplier
Stock Sales History by Cystomer

Stock Sales Analysis

Cash Sales and Collection by Document

Stock Transaction

Stock Transit Outstanding Listing

POS Sales Summary

Stock Transit Outstanding Listing
Supplier Quotation Listing
Quotation Listing
POS Summary

Stock Adjustment Listing
Supplier Quotation Outstanding Listing
Quotation Outstanding Listing
POS Stock Sales Summary

Stock Receive Listing
Purchase Order Listing
Sales Order Listing
POS Salesman Stock Sales Summary

Stock Issue Listing
Purchase Order Outstanding Listing
Sales Order Outstanding Listing
POS Detail

Stock Write-Off Listing
Goods Receive Note Listing
Delivery Order Listing
POS Deposit Listing

Stock Listing
Goods Receive Note Outstanding Listing
Delivery Order Outstanding Listing
POS Staff Meal

Stock Card Listing
Supplier Invoice Listing
Delivery Return Listing
POS Cash Count Listing

Stock Balance Listing
Supplier Credit Note Listing
Cash Sales Listing
POS Cash In/Out Listing

Stock Activity Listing
Supplier Debit Note Listing
Customer Invoice Listing
POS Time Attendance

Stock Sales Analysis Detail
Payment Listing
Debit Note Listing
INCard Point Listing

Stock Sales Analysis Summary
Supplier Advance Document Listing
Credit Note Listing
MIFARE Transaction Listing

Stock Sales Analysis Summary by Group

Packing List Listing
Location Sales Summary

Stock Top Sales Analysis

Receipt Listing
Terminal Sales Summary

Stock Purchase Analysis Detail

Sales Refund Listing
Location Sales Analysis by Period

Stock Purchase Analysis Summary

Sales with Zero Price Listing

Stock Closing Value

Sales below Cost Listing

Article Activity Listing

Customer Advance Document Listing

Article Sales Analysis Detail

Sales Analysis

Article Sales Analysis Summary

Sales Gross Profit Analysis

Barcode Label

Salesman Sales and Collection Listing

Barcode Label by Document

  • Upgrade System User Interface control to latest version (16.1.8)
  • Enhanced grid’s format by enabled save/load conditional formatting rules and appearance.
  • Enhanced POS Sales Summary alert layout and performance.
  • Enhanced Customer Sales Order Outstanding Listing by added Stock Filtering.
  • Update Migration Wizard description wording.
  • Update Singapore GST: IAF Product Version use Major Version only in Company’s Section
  • Added new alert screen: Stock Transit Outstanding Listing.
  • Added Serial Number mechanism in Member Point Redemption.

Closed Issues


  • Fix a random record total applied amount will be reset to zero when add a record (upon “Add” button was pressed).
  • Customer Receipt
  • Customer Credit Note
  • Customer Adjustment
  • Customer Post-Dated-Cheque (PDC)
  • Supplier Payment Voucher
  • Supplier Credit Note
  • Supplier Adjustment
  • Supplier Post-Dated-Cheque (PDC)
  • Fix stock does not display price and tax code when import from PO requisition to Purchase Plan, Request Quotation and Purchase Order.
  • Fix import stock item with Korean character will display as ???
  • Fix import delivery order to customer invoice with Auto BOM stock item will deduct double stock balance.
  • Fix save supplier quick entry will prompt error “Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘AcPurchaseGroupMID’”.