New Enhancements


· Support Singapore GST on Realized Gain or Loss with tax code ES33. This logic applied to document type:

o Customer Receipt

o Customer Credit Note

o Customer Adjustment

o Supplier Payment Voucher

o Supplier Credit Note

o Supplier Adjustment


· Support Singapore GST on Realized Gain or Loss with tax code ES33 in GST F5 section 3 by absolute value.


· Update of Singapore GST – IAF format follow “Guide on Accounting Software (for Software Developers) Fourth Edition” as at 16 March 2015


· Update Default Tax Code for Singapore Gain or Loss in Company System Setting to ES33.


· GST: Enhanced GAF (GST Audit File) and IAF (IRAS Audit File) Ledger’s Transaction ID presentation by using running number as unique ID presentation for set of double entries. Transaction ID will be set to empty if the record is opening balance.


· Update report format to present those figure in document’s currency.


o Payment Voucher

o Payment Voucher Listing

o Customer Receipt

o Customer Receipt Listing


Closed Issues

· Fix error prompt often “Object Reference not set to an instance of an object. Do you want to correct the value?” Whenever attempt to add a detail record, cancel the value and press arrow UP key.


· Fix message prompt often “Document number already exists” whenever press save button more than 1 time quickly.


· Fix Applied amount will be reset once save the document.

o Supplier Credit Note / Supplier Adjustment / Supplier Payment Voucher

o Customer Credit Note / Customer Adjustment / Customer Receipt


· Fix GST Lampiran 2 GST Registration Number doesn’t reflected for Other Payment.


· Fix Cash Sales Payment screen cent rounding method does not follow Company System Setting -> 5 Cents Rounding Options.


· Fix Master Code Updater prompt error “Collection was modified” when system trying to restart after complete update Company ID.


· Fix import Customer Invoice or Customer Delivery Order from Subsidiary Company will prompt error “Column ‘StockIsOpenQuantity’ does not belong to table NewStock” when creating new stock.


· Fix Supplier Opening Maintenance will prompt error “Parameter AcSuplierID is not exists in the command” when saving.