1. Go to forum section and create on “Start a new topic”.

  2. Fill in details with related field.
    Step 1: An clear title topic 
    Step 2: Check if similar ticket have been created, if existed, please follow up the ticket.
    Step 3: Fill in key point that relate with title.
    Step 4: Select category feature request under the product you request. 
    Step 5: If there is related material use attach a file to upload it. 
    Step 6: Click save button to submit topic.

  3. When success submit a forum topic, you will bring to page like below. Please note that button with text “Following” have enable which mean you will received email when this topic have any update. If you do not want to receive any email from this topic, just press on the button with text “Following”.

  4. When your request have list in matching topic found, press on the related topic. If the person idea is same with yours, press on the text “Do you like this idea?” to support the topic. You also can press on button with text “Follow” to track the update of this topic. 

  5. Click on the button with text “Reply” to comment on the topic. Then press button “Post Comment” to submit your comment. 

  6. After you press on text “Do you like this idea?” Forum will show the message as seen in the image below. Beside like the first topic, you also can press “Upvote” for other person’s comment to support this topic. You are allow to sorting the comments by using different option as seen in the image below. 

  7. When our management have any action on the topic, we will update the topic with related tag above the title as seen in the image below.